Cherry Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017

Today is Supernatural Day.  No, not the occult, these guys:

I mean, they’re pretty, but they get a whole day?   Okay, they were also funny when they weren’t scaring the hell out of me.  Maybe I should catch up with series . . .

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  1. I’m a season 1 kinda gal. Urban legend of the week, vanquished with overarching season storyline. I’m probably never getting back to it.


    1. I liked season one, too. It was like a mini horror movie fest with a different horror trope every week, except that you knew the protagonists would be back. The show also had a great sense of humor, which helped. I don’t know when I stopped watching, but it was before Mark Shepherd showed up, and I’m a big fan (STERLING), so I’ll probably go back.

      1. He is excellent. I made it through some seasons not even caring about the plot, I just wanted them interacting with each other. And there are some very funny later shows where it seems like the premise shouldn’t work but it does (amazingly).

  2. I started watching this show in March with my daughter. She moved out in July and I’m still watching. I’m halfway through Season 12 and I’m hoping to finish soon, in case they go off Netflix.

    Mixed feelings about it, but overall I like it.

    I especially enjoyed a show from Season 11 filmed either entirely inside the Chevy Impala or from its perspective, looking out.

    1. I liked the one where they were on a film set that was haunted because the props guy had found an old book, and the actors read from it and raised something evil. It was very meta.

      And the one with the Trickster was great.

      I’ve really got to watch this again.

      1. The movie set one is one of my favorites, too. They even had the tour guide at the beginning saying they were passing the Gilmore Girls set. But the most meta episode was definitely the one where they go to an alternate reality where Supernatural is a TV show filmed in Canada and they’re actors named Jared and Jensen. They even dug up a soap opera clip from way back in Ackles’ career on YouTube. Dean was appalled by it. I almost couldn’t breathe from laughing so much.

        1. That was a great episode,

          “Blue steel!”

          “You married fake Ruby”

          Also any episode that had Felicity Day, she was awesome

  3. Obviously I am entirely out of the loop. I have no idea what series you were talking about. Nice looking actors, though.

    1. Supernatural.
      It’s about two brothers whose mother was killed by demons and whose father dedicated his life and theirs (lousy father) to hunting down all the demonic entities in the world. Each season raises the stakes and they’re in Season 12 now, I think, so there’s been a plurality of apocolypses, they’ve met Death several times, gotten caught in war between angels and demons and I forget the rest. They also kept killing cast members except for the two brothers who just get sent to Hell a lot.

      The pilot episode begins with one of the brothers, Sam, having escaped the life and gone to college where he’s in love with a girl who looks a lot like his mother, last seen dead and stuck to a ceiling. His brother Dean shows up to tell him that he needs to come back because Dad has disappeared and he needs help, and Sam says no because he’s getting married. Then he goes home and finds his girlfriend dead and stuck to the ceiling (yes, a fridge in the first episode, it’s a classic), so he hits the road with his brother, little knowing that he’s going to be on that road for twelve freaking years. On the way they meet a ghost played by Sarah Shahi (BIG Shahi fan here) so that’s fun. It’s got a great sense of humor for a horror show and some really heartbreaking moments, but mostly it’s a road trip shriekfest; their Impala is practically another character. I really did enjoy the first season, although I would not watch after dark. And there are some amazing people showing up to get rescued (or not). Amy Acker almost got drowned in a bathtub by a ghost, that was a good one.
      It’s on Netflix.

  4. I quit the show around season 5 or 6 when they had the most boring apocalypse ever. I still read Misha Collins twitter feed, his brain does not work like other people’s.

  5. My favorite episode will always be “Monster Movie,” the one shot in back and white with the people being killed by horror movie monsters (wolfman, Dracula). I watch it every Halloween and also just whenever I feel like it. My personal preference is for the early seasons, and I stopped watching after…maybe season 7? After all the angels and Lucifer stuff and the Leviathan but before Mark Shepard was a regular. Only saw him a few times. Partly because there’s just so much TV to watch but also because it got kind of depressing. The sense of humor was one of its most appealing features, and it was turning pretty grim. Although my friend did make me watch the musical episode, and that was quite funny. The songs were so very, very bad.

    1. There is a movie called Saturday the 14th, which may have been the first movie I watched on a Beta/VCR player. I was a kid and I don’t do horror but what I remember is these kids moving into a new house, finding a book filled with pictures of monsters and every time they turned a page, a new monster would leave the book and come to life. Several posts here are making me think of it. lol.

      I have no idea how it ended.

  6. I first started watching the show during the first season of Arrow because the station (CW) was very smart and didn’t play a commercial after the end of Arrow but it rolled right into Supernatural. The first commercial wouldn’t appear until 15 minutes into the show and by then I was hooked. I think it was season seven or maybe eight. I hadn’t yet watched Leverage yet, so when I saw Mark Sheppard in Leverage, I thought “hey that’s Crowley!”

    Also, totally crushed on Dean the whole time I watched. He is Soooo pretty! Castiel is also rather nice.


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