Cherry Saturday 7-8-2017

Today is Bodypainting Day.  And Blueberry Day.

Paint yourself with blueberries.  (It’s also Chocolate with Almonds Day, but that’s pretty much every day for me, so I went with fruity druids.)

13 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday 7-8-2017

  1. I just want to say that I freaking love Angela Merkel for that eye roll alone. Her expressions from the G-20 are great.

    Can America go stay with foster parents Trudeau and Merkel? Please.


      1. Thanks Deborah. Not only is he mansplaining, but he’s pointing a finger AND showing her his palm. Her expression tells it all.

        I loved her body language/facial expressions when she was on the stage with Ivanka a few months ago. Angela is a wonderful role model.


  2. Body painting :-o. In the novel of Goldfinger it explains why full body paint can kill you. I would hope that we now have breathable safe body paint.

    Man, I can’t wait for our summer for seasonal summer fruit.


    1. That’s because it was metallic paint, I think. Regular paint, especially body paint, is harmless, I think.


  3. A couple of years ago I saw Seattle’s Fremont district naked bicycle ride. The body paint jobs were amazing. About half the time I did not know whether people were clad or not. It was spectacular.

    But imagine riding on one of those narrow vinyl seats with no clothing and a hot day. Yetch.


    1. If you type in Seattle Naked Bicycle ride and hit images, you can see some of the paint jobs.


  4. Since the pie cherries have come into the market this week, this is a super duper Cherry Saturday!

    I got up early to go to the farmers’ market with my sister and ran into some friends I hadn’t seen recently. My sister invited them to dinner and now I get to be at a party! And we discovered that if you use your food stamps at this market, they give you a coupon worth a dollar for every dollar you spend (up to 25). If only it didn’t take an hour and a half to get to this market…..They’ve got live music and doughnuts made while you wait, too.


  5. It’s also International Tarot Day, apparently. Since I have a tarot deck out (and my blueberries aren’t ripe yet) I think I’ll celebrate that one. I do have the faded remains of a henna tattoo from the local Faerie Festival (sort of like a small ren faire)–does that count?


  6. So on July 4th I made a watermelon and blueberry salad (watermelon chunks, blueberries, honey, lemon juice and mint leaves). I foolishly listened to a food network host and did not mince the mint. Do not do that. My finicky grandchildren picked out all the leaves but at least they ate the fruit.


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