23 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday 7-29-2017

  1. Oh thank Gawdess! I can finally ask.

    I need to find a tiger poem. NOT Blake.

    I don’t even know the first line. It was a about a man who was enchanted by the tiger in the zoo because he lived in a cold, concrete box. He wanted to reach through the bars and touch it. Finally, he got in. It goes as you’d expect. ๐Ÿ˜€ Please help. Last seen in a South African highschool poetry text book over 15 years ago. Thanks.

    I adore Calvin and Hobbes. I use the education ones with Miss Wormwood in my files that my managers and DoE officials look at. Throwing shade at poor policy. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. Nope. Not it. But I see why you’d think so based on my description.

        The man’s fascination with he warmly vibrant tiger is due to the man living a cold boxy life.

        Googling just gets me mauling articles which I need to avoid for my sanity. ๐Ÿ™‚


        1. That’s the first thing that came up when you google your phrases and it came up with a lot of “how to teach poetry” in an Anglo school system (India, So. Africa) so sorry it wasn’t right.

          Did you try googling your reader from school to see if you come up with a publisher’s name?


  2. Tony the Tiger is the name of a tiger from my childhood (along with Howdy Doody) but I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember the name of the cereal he promoted. But it was GREAT!


      1. Frosties in Britain. Cornflakes dipped in sugar icing. And then we’d add sugar to them. It’s a wonder I’ve got any teeth left.


    1. Also the man who voiced Tony the Tiger for Frosted Flakes sang the “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” song in the animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas…


  3. Tiger Twitter is off the hook today. Check out feeds by Aditya Gangadharan and Anne Hilborn.


  4. Not tiger related, but I got the apartment I was looking for!

    Something that is tiger related – tigers love to swim, unlike most cats, and one statistic I read said they only catch about one in twenty of every animal they try to hunt.


  5. In honor of Tiger Day: I was at the Los Angeles Zoo a few years ago to see the visiting pandas, and as we walked by the tiger enclosure, Mr. Tiger was attempting to get amorous with Ms. Tiger, but she wasn’t especially interested. So she’d let him go at it for a few seconds, then get up and walk away, shaking her butt as if to shake him off. Being the male of the species, he kept trying. She kept shaking and walking away, often looking back over her shoulder as if to say, “Du-ude!” This goes on for over 20 minutes, by which time a big crowd has gathered. It was pretty hilarious, especially listening to the moms and dads trying to explain to their little ones 1) exactly what Mr. & Ms. Tiger were up to, and 2) why it was so funny to all the adults present.


    1. I was once at the National Zoo with my five year old niece watching the pandas’ “wrestle.”

      At least that was the explanation one of the dads came up with and the rest of us jumped on it.


  6. I remember fondly the baby white tigers at the Cincinnati Zoo nursery years ago. They grew quickly and used to bat an aluminum beer keg around their outdoor area just for fun.

    And I got to see the tigers swimming at Busch Gardens years ago. They had a large pond/lagoon for the tigers to swim in. The tigers would swim around for a bit and when they got tired, they’d wrap their legs around the large round support piers of the overhead observation deck.

    I love the big cats.


  7. I am the mother of a self-confessed tiger cub. World Tiger Day was a big deal for us. Master Eight has a bedroom full of tigers, and for his sixth birthday we’d adopted a tiger on his behalf through WWF, so yesterday we got to look at some of the hidden camera photos of tigers in Bhutan that the WWF researchers have taken recently.

    Master Eight identifies firmly with both Calvin and Hobbes.


  8. I’ve been convincing my two-year-old to call his giant stuffed tiger “Hobbes” (he had been calling it “lion” despite many attempts to explain that no, it’s not a lion…). It has definitely caught on, although… My kid is blonde and mischievous enough that I worry I may be starting something I’m not quite ready for.

    Although that reminds me: I really ought to read through the boxed set of Calvin and Hobbes I bought to replace my battered hodgepodge of collections.


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