So I’m Still Here . . .

I just have nothing to say.

Okay I have a lot to say about Wonder Woman, but I’m cogitating.  Short version: I loved it.  Long version: I have some nitpicks . . .  So later for that.

Nita: So Nick gets poisoned and cycles through past lives, and that’s what I’m figuring out now. Turns out he was a real bastard back in 1502, and Max has to hit him with a sealed bottle of bourbon to save Rab from being choked to death.  That was fun to write.  Nita’s gone all day but comes home to meet Nick 1934, also a bastard, albeit an English-speaking one.  The logistics of this aren’t fun, but the dialogue is.

Yarn and House: I got through almost all of my yarn while Krissie was here (she took a couple of bags back with her) and I now I have to finish and then start using it up.  And finish building the rest of the storage in the living room.  I need one room in this damn house that’s done.  Okay, I love this house, but really.    Then there’s the kitchen counters and the extra shelves in the pantry and clearing out the little tool room so I can put the freezer in there.  So there’s that.

Garden: I have two potting benches to put together and the plan was that Krissie would help, but we got sidetracked talking, so now I have to go out there and just do it, and build the planter I have wood in the yard for.  And mow.  And plant.

And the dogs need to go to the vet and the car needs to go in for its well-baby check-up and the website needs work and this blog needed a post so . . .

The days are just packed.   

So how’s by you?

46 thoughts on “So I’m Still Here . . .

  1. Here’s how’s by: I get de-presidented from the Floral Association tonight, after first running a jam-packed, announcement-filled meeting when the members are there to watch the famous flower designer design. Once a year we get the floral design crowd swelling our numbers, and worker bees insist their events have to be announced. Sheesh. I feel like I’m running a bait-and-switch con.

    Then I go home and start the rest of my life. Pilates, gardening – those bands of 25 roses in the ground are yearning for their place in the earth – writing, reading, cooking. Oh, joy! And still volunteering as Floral office staff on Friday afternoons. Ever tried to find a parking place in Balboa Park on a Friday summer afternoon? You can’t.

  2. Also still here, also overwhelmed by the to-do list that far exceeds my available energy and time. But the garden is totally in, if not totally weed-free, so there’s that.

    And I’m working on The Book of Cat Magic for Llewellyn, which involves being forced to do lots of cat-centric research. So sad. Not.

  3. I’m surviving a heatwave (we’re not geared up for them). So I’ve been going for a shady walk after breakfast, coming home to shower, and then sitting anglicizing a set of proofs with all the windows and doors open. I’ve even been drawing the curtains against the sun. But it should cool down to normal tomorrow. I’m really missing having a garden with a shade tree, although the flat is fairly good at catching the breeze.

    Still getting no on every house I go and see. Then interrogating myself over it; and still getting no.

    Not finding time for any photography or writing, which I need to do something about before it gets to me.

  4. I’ve abandoned all my To-Do lists and am just putting out fires as they crop up. It’s not how I prefer to work — I’m a HUGE planner — but I’ve accepted that it’s all I can do right now. Well, mostly accepted.

  5. So today I’m about 8/9 ths of the way through growing my second baby while also simultaneously taking care of my first baby who’s just 15 months old, running my marketing consulting business, and trying to figure out what’s for dinner. I was up at 3 am with my screaming child for about an hour and then up for the day at 6:30am (my champion husband got up at about 5:30 when our child started screaming again and was clearly READY TO START THE DAY!, so at least I sort of got back that 3 am hour in a way). My brother-in-law’s DIY backyard wedding is Saturday and the family is Concerned about the future of that union (and the day, since there are Serious Questions about logistics for basic things like food and drinks that have yet to be answered…which is causing my MiL whose backyard is the location of this DIY effort to be practically hyperventilating from stress) so there is Family Drama, and a lot of it comes back on my husband who is the one everyone wants to talk to about their Concerns. So my usually extremely helpful husband is understandably a bit more distracted and having to be away dealing with extended family than usual. In all, my life is very good and I am very blessed, but right now I am straight up exhausted and generally physically uncomfortable. I know how many people would be very envious to have what I have, so I hate to complain because I do recognize how great my life is and I do so appreciate it, but you know, sometimes even blessings can be exhausting and overwhelming. Luckily, there’s always the option having my husband grill some frozen turkey burgers for dinner and the comforting fact that toddlers go to bed early, so in about 2-3 hours, my little one should be fed and in bed, dinner figured out and the toy explosion in my living room put away. And now…I smell a dirty diaper that I must deal with. Hang in busy, ladies!

    1. Ahh new baby on the way, good luck,

      Also DIY wedding, suggest just going to a Costco or Walmart and loading up on the basics, so at least there will be food and drink on Saturday.

    2. You know, it’s good to acknowledge your blessings, but it’s also good to say, “Okay, ENOUGH.”

      This is a Safe Complain Space. Have at it without guilt.

    3. Oh man, I was kind of where you were two years ago (my kids are 19 months apart though). It is for sure both exhausting and a blessing. Hang in there!!

  6. Let’s see. My sons wife went crazy took up with a drug dealer, left the house, after it was robbed, their five-year-old autistic daughter is currently with her other grandmother. I have come to Michigan to help.
    There are death threats from the drug gang and the fear they will break in again.
    I clean house and do errands all day when I am not with Ella and Sharon then I come home and fall asleep in a chair that I bought my son Jim for Father’s Day because there is no bed for me. But the chair is very nice. And there are fire flies outside when I go out at night. And sometimes I get to take a walk in the woods.
    What I do not get to do:
    work on my current book. My new book comes out on July 12. I have no idea who I can get to review it. I think it goes on pre-sale on Amazon in a week. I have not made any attempt to get reviews or make a blog tour or anything I should really do. I need an authors assistant. Also my acting career is on hold until I can get back to Los Angeles. Oh well keep on trucking.

  7. I’m fine with your moment of quiet on the blog. You’re busy, we’re busy. It’s all fine.

    I’ll be going to ALA’s annual conference this weekend in Chicago. I’m prepping for that. I have relatives in the area who are housing me, so that’s a blessing. I’ll also be able to eat at my favorite Thai restaurant!

  8. The days are just packed. Oh, how I miss starting my mornings with a brand new Calvin and Hobbes.

    1. Bloom County is back. He’s posting the cartoons on Facebook. It’s lovely.
      He’s not fond of Trump, though, so for those of you who are . . .

      1. They are also available on but they run about a week after the FB ones do.

  9. For someone who has nothing to say, you said quite a lot 🙂 it sounds like you’re busy and productive which is always good, particularly for us since part of that productive is Nita moving along…

    I’m starting a new project at work which basically means back to back design workshops in small rooms with lots of people, constant talking and brain-fade.

    My brother is chatting with legal aid about leaving his wife and how can he get the best outcome for his daughter.

    My father (and his very ill wife) is moving in a couple of weeks to a house that’s an hour and a half away.

    I’ve applied for a new job.

    I’m contemplating a head-out-to-the-country day on the weekend which will be fun.

    And I’m slightly stunned that it is the middle of the year and where did the last 6 months go?

  10. Also planning my trip to RWA Nationals in Orlando in July. (Orlando in July? Who thought that was a good idea?) Anyone else going?

    Plus, happy summer solstice!

  11. In the big scheme of things my life is blessed: drama-free, devoid of drug dealers or diapers or backyard weddings or un-assembled potting benches, so I’m going to keep quiet about my trivial challenges and just say: hang in there, y’all!

    1. Your trivial challenges count, too. We do not evaluate the depth of challenges, we just like to keep up with each other.

        1. In that case, we are renovating a small rental house in south L.A. that needs EVERYTHING done and jesus wept. We will be renting from friends, and the need to keep silent when I want to scream about deferred maintenance is making things a little tricky. The guy told me he threw some insulation up into the attic years ago, and that is the literal truth. He threw it up through the hatch and walked away. It’s still in unopened packages. I am going to have to install it because the house has no AC (we are getting a window unit) and I am 51, plus I’ll staple up radiant barrier, but seriously. This is why people in the renting class hate people in the property-owning class.

  12. I’m sort of here – halfway. I got a new job (more money!!), am packing up my office at the old one, trying to finish unpacking from a move Last Year (I had to build tons of storage before I could do that), had my first almost real vacation in 7 years (I went in my in-laws for a week), I wrote my first TV Treatment, entered a contest, revised a script, and am now looking up how to get a script referral.

    Whew! Busy, but good. I miss getting to comment with you guys. It’s been too wild lately, but hugs to everybody.

  13. I had a moment of great peace and euphoria yesterday because I felt Caught Up On Things, but then I realized I had just momentarily forgotten half of my to-do list. Whoops.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Thoreau, but as Calvin tells us he said: “Simplify, simplify.” I’m making slow progress at unf*cking my habitat by purging objects one space at a time (with a toddler around, I can’t quite pull off the Kondo method – this is more “ok, he’s refusing to nap, let’s go through all of this clothes and put all the fuzzy sleepers in a box because he’s outgrown them and also it’s June”), my summer job is going well, and I gave up on my attempt to give up coffee so I’m now re-caffeinated and ready to take on the to-do list!

    Uh, unless it involves actually getting any writing done, because I’m not at three months of zero progress.

    I did, however, re-re-re-read the Harlequin Crusie bundle on my Kindle (“Getting Rid of Bradley,” “Strange Bedpersons,” “What the Lady Wants,” and “Charlie All Night”) so at least I had some fun and at least I’m not a yuppie scum dweeb. 🙂 Like with the cleaning, I’ll take what I can get!

  14. A friend and I just decided to start a small side business. It’s exciting. I spent several hours cutting glass, which is satisfying.

    I have some things that I need to do and haven’t done, but it’s summer break and I’m doing ok.

  15. Just came off one of my long weekends, which was nice because I read the books I wanted to read and re-watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It was not nice in that it was about 118 degrees outside, which made running errands and my trip to the gym more of a chore than usual. Now I work straight through for five days. My counterpart on the morning shift is on vacation, so my supervisor will be covering for him and not available to help out on my shift if it gets busy. Hopefully no one calls in sick. Thursdays and Fridays generally suck (I work in a jail – those are big nights for crime).

  16. I’m in limbo, waiting to find out if I have a new job. It’s been well over a month since the screening process started, and hours at my current job have gone from limited to non-existent, but I don’t want to apply for anything else until I find out about this one because it’s a great job in a new city and I really need to move. So I’m just trying to keep a lid on my stress levels and be as productive as I can while I wait.

    1. Can you call a temp agency and ask for short term assignments? I don’t know what your level is but you’d be surprised how many people need someone just for a week or so even at a high level.

      1. Unfortunately I am at a high level, and I live in a University town. There are really only two temp agencies here and they prefer students because they can be paid less. Underemployment is at a historical high in Australia right now, so it’s not just me. The times, they are hard. But I appreciate the encouragement!

  17. I’m doing last minute planning for a holiday. We leave next Friday, I am so excited! Singapore, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland. It will be hot hot hot (well, except Ireland) and it’ll take 24 hours of flying to get there, and I have to do July’s work before I go, and the kids are flying up to my mum’s for the 3.5 weeks which is their choice (art galleries and grown up restaurants, or Taranaki with Gran, I asked, ha ha ha), but makes me anxious because it’s the first time we’ve ever been away without them, but, still, EXCITED!

    1. Throwing Ireland into the mix does complicate packing. Cardigans, baby! But still, what an exciting trip.

  18. I replaced the shower filter last night. IT was glorious to have a HARD stream of water instead of a dribble.

    I also put 3 bags of dirt into the hole in the front yard. It started with a depression after we had a tree removed like 10 years ago. Then got deeper. Then earlier this summer my kids decided to be archaeologists (seriously, my 9 year old came in, asked if they could dig there because they wanted to be archaeologists and look for stuff and of course the frustrated archaeologist in me said “YES!” while beaming proudly at her) and they dug it deeper. I dumped some really old grass seed on top of the dirt, then ran the hose over. 3 hours later, my husbands casually says “the hose is still on and the grass seed is floating” oops.

    I love my mother. She’s agreed to have the kids spend Friday night at her house, after watching them all day. Today she and Dad are going to the Museum of Science and Industry so they’re going to be beat. I’d forgotten about the Museum trip when I asked. Oops again. But my husband and I are going out for dinner and maybe renting Age of Ultron which we haven’t seen yet.

    1. My husband wants me to tell you that it’s soil not dirt. And that we shouldn’t treat our soils like dirt, because they’re our underground economy.

      He hasn’t actually read your post, but I heard him in my head when I read it. He’s a soil scientist 🙂

  19. I love your building posts, Jenny, and would love to see the living room storage project as it comes along.

    Making things is also the theme of my week, and this morning I am going to work on finishing my leaf composting bin before it gets too hot. I’m having this recurring fantasy about building a closet organizer in our bedroom. No doors on the closet in there, and there’s a lot of empty space that could be usefully turned into storage drawers and/or shelves. But it’s a little more ambitious than anything I’ve tried to build yet. But I want it.

    1. The one in the living room was one of those progressive things.
      I bought two storage units because I liked the way they looked. When they came and I put them together, they looked cheap and were flimsy, but I’m too lazy to take things apart, repack them, and schlep them to the post office, so I decided to reinforce them by bolting them together and then putting boards on the side and across the top. But then I realized if I added another section to the top, it would be tall enough to support my TV, so I did that and bolted the whole thing to wall.
      But the TV which is a big black rectangle kind of overwhelmed my small, mostly white, blue, and yellow living room, so I decided to build storage around and across the top of the TV and put doors on. Which is when I wandered off. So I should finish that along with hanging the catastrophe plates I bought months ago that have been sitting in my kitchen ever since. Along with assembling the storage units I bought from Wayfair that I do like,except I lost the nuts-and-bolts pack to one of them.

      So the living room unit is mostly a thing of improvisation instead of a thing of beauty. In other news, all my kitchen shelves are still up and sturdy and looking marvelous, so I did that right.

  20. You know, it’s the family worries that are the hard stuff (that and the exhaustion). I have a work to do list that is already un manageable for the next two weeks and the first thing on it is to go through my calendar and notes to see what balls I’m dropping. And since I run a network of organizations fighting the health care bill and other major program cuts, and it looks like the Senate will vote next week and the House is going to put out its budget proposal there will also be many brush fires to deal with.
    And at home I have a long list as well including plants that must go in the ground or die.

    But some part of my brain is always on 1) the child that is talking about marrying her bipolar boyfriend who claims he is a feminist but expects to be supported and waited on and 2) the young family member in the middle of her fourth rehab….

  21. I’m building a boat, from a kit, 15′ rowing and sailing. Before I could do that, I had to get the shop organized, which contains my fathers tools and machines from 30 years of accumulating them. Sorting them made me cry, because he is pretty much not going to ever use them again (he’s still here, but his memory is going).

    My younger daughter is home from college (she’s only across the river, but still) and practicing driving so she can get her license and get us off her case about it. I still have trouble being driven, so that is tense, but manageable.

    1. It’s brilliant that you can use his tools, though. My father was an engineer, and had a workshop where he did precision metalwork and invented things (such as a film back for his pre-war quarter-plate camera). Neither my brother nor I have any but the most basic skills, so all I could do was improve my toolset with my favourites of his – those I could recognize.

      1. My dad never taught me anything because I was a girl, so when I grew up, I taught myself and then as a single mother, I taught my daughter. The junior high shop teacher and I were friends, and he told me the first day of required shop for Mollie’s class, he asked how many had ever used power tools. Mollie and one other girl raised their hands, the only ones, both daughters of single mothers. That’s one of my proudest parenting moments, especially when he said, “I knew Mollie would, that kid can do anything.”

      2. It is brilliant that I can use his tools – thank you!

        He taught both my brother and me how to use the big machine tools, mostly because we came as a package. I’ve learned a lot building sets for the high school over the last eight years too, and made a point of getting all the actors working with tools on the sets as well. Which translates to putting power tools in the hands of a LOT of teenage girls, which is fun.

  22. Wonder Woman… Wonder Woman! Just saw it Thursday.

    I loved it too, especially that the Amazons were treated as warriors instead of sex objects. I also have tons of nitpicks. I thought it was a solid superhero origin story even though I had issues with the origin story. A few scenes I found myself waiting for a Xena like war-cry and the chakram.

    Can’t wait to hear about your experience.

  23. I’ve started working at the new job, which is three days a week, but I’m still wrapping up at the old job, which ideally should have been at least three days a week, so that means starting earlier, staying later, and sometimes a weekend. Then, our social life goes in waves, some months we barely do anything, but then others we have stuff planned every weekend. June, of course, has plans for every weekend. Then my in laws are going out of town which means my mother is coming in to help with the kids. She comes in with me when we drive back up from visiting her and my other family. Basically, I’m hanging on and trying not to look down until 7/14. Things should settle after that. Unless of course my husband gets hired for the job he had a second interview for back at the beginning of June. Breathe.

  24. The first half of the year was crazy bad, illnesses and job stresses and my little one having a terrible time getting through first grade (she’s most likely on the spectrum, and she has a 1:1 aide, but nobody wanted her to get “dependent” on her. So she kind of hovered, ineffectually, in the background,apparently, while my kid kept throwing screaming fits. Poor baby, I feel like I let her down by not realizing what was happening earlier.)
    Just yesterday I looked up and thought, ok, we’re kind of cruising right now, nice! Although there’s still plenty of fallout to deal with, we aren’t – touch wood and praise the goddesses- In crisis right now. Aaaaaaaaah.


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