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  1. In light of previous discussion on food, I bought six moong dal samoosa and ate two, twice 😀

    I will be marking Grade 3 tests and since our Department of Education falls prey to high priced consultants who haven’t been in a classroom to teach in years, I will be doing a regular mark set and then converting to a rating scale. So twice but not by choice.

    I just had a cup of tea. I use loose leaf tea for breakfast and it amazes me how wonderful Ceylon tea leaves smell but tastes terrible as is. A cup of tea, tho’ helps to solve many problems.


  2. Two so far: I started rereading Mary Balogh’s Survivors series (not her best, but still good); and I went for a two-hour walk up out of town, through an estate, and back through the fields – but going in the opposite direction to when I’ve done it before. Sunshine and wildflowers and the odd mystery – favourite ingredients for a walk.

    I’m off to take part in an annual ‘meet the artists’ opening for a group show in town: looking forward to seeing my fellow artists; and maybe talking photography, if anyone want to know about the photographic collage I’ve put into it.


  3. I woke up early thanks to our cat. It wasn’t the second time but the third for the night. She walks on me and then flops on my head. This time I stayed awake – actually got up, since I’m trying to shift my schedule to earlier. However, I may take a nap today. I do enjoy sleeping enough to do it twice in a day. Also, am planning on going for a 2 mile walk. I’m just waiting for the clouds to go away and the temperature to rise a bit.


  4. So Sense8 got cancelled, and I was musing with a friend over why, and it occurred to me that the best shows can usually be summed up with a very simple “subject verb object” statement that encompasses both premise and plot, so audiences near-immediately know what they’re getting into. (This doesn’t apply to books, this is just what kinds of shows more easily ensnare new browsing viewers) Consider:
    A teenage girl slays vampires.
    A vampire fights supernatural crime.
    A crew of thieves swindle bad guys.
    A warrior princess kicks everyone’s asses.
    A team of hackers and ex-spies save people in danger.
    An eccentric detective solves mysteries.
    An archer vigilante fights crime/a speedster hero fights crime/a superhero fights aliens/a ship of superheroes fix time travel problems.
    Royal families struggle for political dominance in a fantasy land.
    An alien doctor travels time and space.
    Survivors of an airplane crash explore a mysterious island.
    Androids in a western theme park begin to malfunction.

    Note how that last one breaks the template. There’s no object for the verb, because the verb is happening to the subject. This is non-ideal, as the form only encompasses the premise. But since the execution of the show makes the premise the plot as well, it still works.
    Maybe the difficulty of coming up with such a description for Firefly is why it couldn’t get traction the first time around. Another show, Orphan Black, has a description of “A woman is clones,” which is only premise, not plot. And with no plot anchor, that show has gone everywhere with its plot, to its detriment.

    Similarly, it’s quite hard to come up with the same for Sense8. You either get the premise OR the plot, unless you make it into a compound sentence, which automatically decreases impact. And most descriptions of the premise use weaker verbs like “is, are, being, have.” The best one my friend came up with was “8 people around the world bond through a psychic connection.” Still doesn’t really capture a sense of plot, but it does at least capture the appeal of watching. Not good for getting a browsing viewer’s vote vs. other show prospects, though.


    1. Eight psychically-linked people fight the sociopath who is trying to lobotomize them.

      I think the key is Protagonist/Action Verb Implying Conflict/Antagonist
      Teenage girl/fights/vampires.
      Eight people/fight/a sociopath.

      But that’s only a start, a basic conflict. Lots of teenagers fighting something don’t succeed. Which is why you really need:

      A blonde teenage girl and her new found friends including the vampire she loves fight evil: vampires, corrupt mayors, and an ancient goddess.

      Eight psychically-linked people fight the sociopath who is trying to lobotomize them.

      As long as there’s a clear protagonist/antagonist conflict, your central premise will make a story. It’s the stuff around it that makes it a story that lasts or gets cancelled (along with a lot of industry and scheduling stuff).

      I think the reason it got cancelled is more prosaic: New Head of Programming plus Nine Million Dollars per Episode.
      I’m hoping for a final movie or something. Somewhere, Wolfgang is still in captivity. They can’t leave us there. But I’d be fine with that ending. The second season lost a lot of focus, I thought. I still enjoyed it a lot, but it wasn’t delivering. For example, at the end, seven of the eight are together in real life for the first time, and we don’t see them meet. That was a HUGE mistake, that’s what a lot of us were waiting for, the Cluster together. I like the individual plots they’ve got going, but the heart of this is the Cluster meeting–Will and Riley finally touching, for example. I don’t think any of the others had actually met in real life. It was such a great moment when Amanita saw Riley on the phone screen and knew she was real. They lost their grasp on the heart of the story and filled it up with the other clusters which took away from the individual stories, too.

      As a writer, I figured they were setting up a third season the way the first season set up this one, which is a mistake. Big one. Joss Whedon is right on this one, too: Make every season a novel and FINISH IT.


    2. I love Firefly, but it is kind of template, a bunch of misfits have adventures in a spaceship. Their main mission is to outwit the authorities and keep flying free. Their team had the similar make up as Andromeda and Farscape

      Outsider/Leader Mal/John/Dylan

      Warrior/Morally ambiguous Jayne/Ka D’Argo/Tyr Anasazi

      Strong Female Lead Zoe/Aeryn Sun/Beka Valentine

      Philosophical/Spiritual Adviser Book/Zhaan/Rev Bem

      Naive/Sweet Crew member Kaylee/Trance Gemini

      Other Strong Female Lead Inara / Chiana/Andromeda

      Skilled Crew member Wash/Pilot/Harper


        1. Yes, but it works so well, otherwise I wouldn’t have watched so much star trek growing up. Plus strong female characters always a plus


      1. Firefly’s problem was that it was on Fox and Fox kept moving it around and pre-empting it. Under the same circumstances, Buffy would have failed.

        Buffy and Angel were on the WB and then UPN, which were both fledgling networks, so their numbers didn’t have to be that great to really rock their ratings. Fox wanted a Buffy but it wasn’t willing to give it a set time.

        There are 3 or 4 other great sci-fi series that Fox killed as well after giving you a taste and then shifting them all over the place because of sports or other priorities.

        Babylon 5 & Andromeda were syndicated so they were also on small networks to begin with.


        1. I know, I heard they showed it out of order as well. We’re lucky we got Serenity.

          It was such a shame it never had a chance, even their guest stars were excellent, Christina Hendricks as Saffron, especially, though I still think Wash got the best line in that episode

          “Madly in Love… married to a beautiful woman who can kill me with her pinkie”


          1. I loved how Wash was so happy when she picked him over Mal, and then realized it was because he needed saving and she could trust Mal to last it out.

            I was already a huge Whedon fan, loved the first one and I still couldn’t catch them all when Fox aired them.


    1. Good for you!! May that be one experience that you never, ever have to repeat again!


  5. I found this essay on romance writing and thought others might like it. I will reread it, because I frequently do things like that twice.


  6. Reading Getting Rid of Bradley. Again.

    Listening to Fast Women. Again.

    Two Jenny books. Twice the fun. ??


  7. How very odd. On Friday night, I went out with friends and had a lovely curry, which made my daughter a little sad and jealous. So, when we unexpectedly went into town, we went to the curry restaurant and I had the same meal because it’s just that good. She was like, “Mom, I’m sorry to make you eat the same thing two days in a row.” And I was, “It was wonderful! When else can I do something like this?”

    I suspect Saturday’s curry was the leftovers from Friday’s. But everyone knows that second-day curry is the best.


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