I know how Nick gets the sword.  It’s freaking brilliant.  The Girls are geniuses.  I’m a genius.  No, I won’t tell you, it’s a major plot point, but I love it so that one’s solved.  And may even have solved the “Why does’t he talk like a Rennaissance Italian?” problem.

You know, when I’m good, I’m GOOD.  


33 thoughts on “I FIGURED IT OUT!

  1. Yay!!! Go Jenny!!! So excited for you. (and for all of us, who just got that much closer to being able to read it =) )


  2. I am soooooooo dying to real this!! The whole thing!! It’s so fun to see “behind the scenes” knowing that the finished product will be even better. You and The Girls rock!!


  3. Congratulations! (-: Your happiness is contagious, and I hope the figuring-things-out thing is contagious as well (-:. The GOOD kind of internet virus.

    Plus, Happy Birthday (probably a day late by now) to Sure Thing!


  4. You can also celebrate that you got a mention in the Romance University blog post, “Romance University First Line = First Impression by Donna MacMeans.”

    They choose best first lines and your first line from Manhunting was one that was highlighted. Way to go x 2!


  5. We’ve always known you were a genius! The girls too!

    But, it is very exciting to get to observe you be excited about your story. We know it will be great.


  6. Ugh. I navigated away from page and I lost my comment from yesterday.

    Essentially, thanks guys. All wishes are welcome. I don’t come from a birthday celebrating family, so it is nice to be feted outside of home.


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