Cherry Saturday 5-6-2017

Today is No Diet Day.

Or as I call it, any day of the week that ends in Y.

It’s actually about body acceptance, not to mention LIFE acceptance where food is not the enemy and you can eat the damn cake.  And the carrots and the romaine, yes, eat healthy, but stop making food the enemy.  I stopped making food the enemy and now we’re best friends.  Sometimes we snuggle.  

Or as Auntie Mame would say, “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.”

Eat the cake.

20 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday 5-6-2017

  1. Exactly. Which is why I had garlic butter parmesan cheese popcorn for dinner last night. Probably a good minestrone soup will appear tonight.


  2. Savour every mouthful and focus on the meal. Don’t gobble. Chew until it disappears wihout you needing to swallow. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to be satisfied faster.


  3. Hell with it. I eat what I want for as long as I can get away with that.
    Now I’m going to go eat my ramen.


  4. I love me some Auntie Mame almost as much as I love brownies!

    Damn. I’m out of brownies.


  5. LOLLLLLLL. I’m laughing my ass off because we just ended up inviting friends over to dinner, and in my normal day to day, I do Weight Watchers, and I realized the meal I want to cook is most certainly not points friendly (homemade spaghetti and meatballs with an arugula and parmesan salad, and garlic bread), but it’s great for a dinner party that includes three toddlers, so do I change it or not, back and forth, oh screw it, I’ve been good the rest of the week, today, I eat. I’ll just build up the fitPoints to cover the extra points, and there we go! And then I find out it’s No Diet Day. DYING.


  6. My “diet” was to minimize processed foods. Made a huge difference. Dropped a bunch of weight slowly without trying. Body has more life. Craving less frequent. It’s a process with its own ups and downs. But I never feel deprived and yes, I do still have food binge days. But binges are fewer with more time in between.

    So I recently made another deal with myself. I can have anything I want as long as I make it myself. I did that after I polished off 2 containers of Ben & Jerry’s after a special $1 sale. That was really stupid of me because I know if I get in the mood having it on hand, I will eat it and eat it all in a short time period. So now if I want ice cream, figure out how to make a small batch without an ice machine. Having done it yet but I’ve been eying some recipes to do test runs with. I have frozen my smoothies and eaten them later with a spoon.

    All that said, if I really really really want something but I don’t want to make it myself, I can have it as long as I’m willing to go to the store or restaurant to get it. And pay cash. It’s another mental trick thing for me, I have to be willing to see the dollars handed over. Makes me take an extra step to decide that yes, this is absolutely what I want.

    Last summer I went to Painted Rocks and did a little bit of hiking. Well, I love the quiet, the landscape, etc. but I also was out of shape, wasn’t as confident with my body as I should been (aka worried about ankles and knees). Next time, I want to have more energy, more confidence and go places I missed out on last time. I also want to complete that walk about Lake Geneva in Wisconsin that I abandoned at the 5 mile mark. If I do, I will have a story to tell.

    Mostly, I want to be in the moment instead of beating myself up in my head. Again a work in progress. Probably will never perfect it but I want more moments, please.


    1. Amousie, I don’t know if this will help, but you can fake ice cream with dairy and frozen fruit. Banana (frozen and cut up into chunks) with milk and a good slug of chocolate syrup (homemade if you want it less processed — it’s on the cocoa package, and it lasts in the fridge for ages) makes a chocolate milkshake. And I think the banana has enough starch in it, it might freeze very nicely in small cups.

      Strawberries, sugar to taste and milk (try coconut milk if you like; it’s wonderful!) also makes a very nice treat, and again, if there are enough strawberries, the pectin will help keep the treat from freezing so very hard, and you can turn the smoothie into an ice cream cup.

      Smitten Kitchen had a fabulous fudgesicle recipe, too. I think it was two summers ago that I made that several times a month to keep my family in frozen treats.


  7. I wish I knew how to take this advice and implement it. I’m so glad you’ve been able to do so.


  8. And that is why I went for bubble tea and dim sum for a quiet celebration yesterday …..bbq pork buns galore.


  9. I don’t meant to brag, but I finished my 14 day diet in three days and 16 hours.

    I don’t remember where I read that, but loved it. That’s the attitude.

    I’m off to Marlborough next weekend, where a half marathon through the vineyards on Saturday morning is an excuse for three days of eating and drinking excellent wine with friends.


  10. I made lasagna, but I put spinach in it. So there–healthy!

    I don’t use the word diet. I think it puts too much pressure on you. I will try and watch what I eat a little better if I have to. My big issue is that I already have a pretty good diet, so when I gained 11 lbs after hurting my knee and not being able to exercise for a year, there isn’t much to cut out. So now I’m working on portion control.

    Well, tomorrow, I’m working on portion control.


  11. LOL, we had a super-long weekend (five days), so I made a quart and a half of vanilla “pudding”. I think something went wrong with the cornstarch because it was thicker than custard ice cream base, but not really thick enough for pudding. It was pourable.

    However, none of that matters. It wasn’t very sweet (in fact, I don’t know if I’d want to eat it straight — or drink it straight). But, combined with Calbee’s Super Unhealthy Granola (puffed grains and large bits of dried strawberries and lots of sugar), and left to sit like a trifle . . . OMG. Delicious. Milk. Eggs. Cereal with fruit. Breakfast of champions! Lunch of champions! Supper of champions! And that’s how I did very little cooking this weekend.


  12. Agreed. I love good food, especially ethnic food, which is severely lacking in a rural area.

    I tried to explain to my husband that I don’t necessarily want flowers, but if he could pick up some falafel on his way home, I would be all over that.


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