I have miscellaneous questions and comments, none of which supports a post of its own, so I’m just jumbling them here.   In no particular order:

I am slowly moving the Works in Progress and Everything Else stuff over here from jennycrusie.com, which is why there are two new tabs in the banner now.  I haven’t transferred everything over yet, it’s gonna take awhile, but from now on when I post a draft, it’ll be here..  

I think the essays stay on the website since they were all published.  HOWEVER, it would be nice to have some kind of central system where if you wanted to read about a topic, there’d be a page here that would have links to both Argh and the website.  I have no idea what that would be or if it would even be helpful.  I did move the Search box up to the top of the right column under the bio box, and I did redo the categories, but there are still over a thousand posts that are uncategorized thanks to the hack, and a search box here does not search the website.  The website will eventually link back here on the book pages, I think.  You know, you keep putting stuff on the internet for ten years, the content is gonna mount up.

I’m really happy with the Good Book idea, so thank you to those who suggested it and who participated. I have the posts set up for the next two months to load automatically, and then we can look again and see if it’s still working. 

Slogging through some of the back posts (it’s gonna take me forever), I tripped over a promise to start doing a Questionable once a week (Questionable Tuesdays?  Argh).  It slipped my mind, but I still have some Questionables in draft form I could finish and schedule.  Of course, that skews the blog even more toward writing wonkiness, so maybe not.  It also means that three out of seven days of Argh are pre-programmed, which could be nice since I’m swamped right now, but which could also undercut the annoyingly delightfully erratic personality of the blog..

What non-writing stuff should I be looking at for in here?  I know, dogs, but besides that?

In the last pass at Nita, did you see the father reveal coming ahead of time?  I only ask because I don’t want Nick looking like an idiot for not seeing it.  I’m good with him missing it because it’s so improbable, but not if people have been saying, “Hello, it’s OBVIOUS” for too many pages.

Does Max getting a PoV that late in the first act seem disruptive?

Can we have a round of applause for Mollie the Genius?  I told her I didn’t like the look of the thumbs up icon, too impersonal, and that I’d much rather have a heart, and that I also didn’t want any “disagree” options because those are always taken badly (“If you don’t have anything nice to click, don’t click anything at all”).  Twenty-four hours later, she delivers.  Genius, I tell you.

There may be an infestation of really large spiders in my bedroom (or just one aggressive asshole who keeps leaping on me).  Anybody know any good way to repel spiders without killing them?  I’m against going to war with nature, but I’m against spiders in my bed, too.  (Currently sleeping and typing in the guest room, but Krissie is coming to stay this week and this bed is hers.)

The World of Argh is now linked on the Everything Else page.  I’m good with it there, but is anybody still adding to it?  Does it still even work?  Does anybody use it?

Are we tired of the holiday theme for Cherry Saturdays?  I don’t want to bore people, although I did think the Draw a Bird post was brilliant.  Also, I don’t know what I’d replace the holidays with.

Another TV series binge watch.  Yes or no?  I want to do a post on Grimm, but then iZombie seems like a great binge since it’s brilliant and starting up again, and then there’s Limitless because I think it did such interesting things, plus Legion is fairly mindblowing, and Sense8 is coming back, and then there are the older shows like Agent Carter and Galavant, but I’m not sure the binge posts do anything for anybody besides me.  I was going to say that I haven’t watched any non-SF/Fantasy shows since Person of Interest, but that was speculative fiction, too, since it was about AIs.  Clearly I have lost my grip on reality narratives, and I know not everyone here shares my passion for the paranormal.  In my defense, have you seen reality lately?  

I think there’s a mouse in the kitchen.  I hope it’s a mouse.  I don’t think a spider makes that much noise.  NOT A NORMAL SPIDER ANYWAY.

And now back to cutting the hell out of the first act.  


87 thoughts on “Jumble

  1. I am totally not fond of spiders – especially those that like to jump! I have found lemon (essential) oil which I sprinkle on a cotton cloth & wipe around internal & external doorways & window frames is helpful in deterring them from coming in & setting up families. Once they are inside I use a spider catcher device on a long pole & if they are willing I put them outside. If not I resort to citronella spray & send them on to the next world…


  2. ARGH! I wrote a bunch and timed out. My stupid internet. This’ll be shorter, though, now that I know what I want to say.

    Non-writing stuff: Are you still working with visual arts and textiles? We haven’t seen a crochet post in awhile. I’ve been obsessed with a dead rock star over the past year, and one of the fascinating things is the way he’s used visual art to supplement his work. He’d paint his way out of a writer’s block, and his music videos just have a whole different dimension compared to his straight music.

    Nita Dodd crochet would be amazing, if you’ve done any. If not, don’t worry about it. But it’s interesting that fantasy seems to be so conducive to things like T-shirts and crochet — yay, fandom! Several of the things you’ve done in connection with your fantasy stories would make excellent merch if it comes to that.

    FATHER: It was perfect. My jaw dropped when I read the scene and I realized that’s who the father was, but it made perfect sense. All the clues you’d given us clicked into place for me. I didn’t see it coming at all. Beautiful scene.

    Max: I loved getting a viewpoint from the demons’ perspective. I think it enriches the story and isn’t disruptive at all.

    Hooray for Mollie! So happy to have these buttons back.

    SPIDERS: oh, spiders! Eight-legged harbingers of spring! Is it too sluttish (in the old UK sense) to leave a vacuum cleaner out and plugged in, and just suck spiders up any time you see them in the room? They’ll leave once the food supply outside gets better, I’m sure. Maybe a dustbuster would encourage them to leave.

    TV: I’ve found some really good series thanks to your posts — the ones I’ve appreciated most have been the British ones. Hustle, Life on Mars, Sherlock. Really great stories, and short enough that I don’t feel like I’m over-investing my life.

    SPIDERS! Redux! I hope it was a mouse. As long as it’s not a bear . . . .

    This blog has brought me a lot of joy over the years, so I’d say just keep on keeping on. There are so many things that I didn’t know I wanted or needed that came to me through the blog. Thank you for doing the posts and keeping this such a fun and vibrant community!


    1. Crochet: Look up at the top of the page under the new tag “Everything Else.” Click on that and you’ll get a page that’s just a jumble of topics that don’t fit anywhere else and one of them is a Crochet page. Haven’t done any for Nita yet although she does crochet, but there’s other stuff in there.


  3. I always talk to my spiders – “Look, as long as you start in that corner of the shower, we’re ok, but you move and I’ll have to hose you.” It makes me feel better if I then have to kill them. They had a choice, dammit!

    I love the random posts and the community here. I don’t know what I’d change.

    Show-wise, I watched CrazyHead on Netflix (British, Buffy-esque) and really enjoyed it. It’s got a short season (being from UK) so is easily binge-able.


    1. I loved the first 90% of ep 1 of Crazyheads, didn’t like the last 10 minutes or so and was totally put off by the whole “go gave sex with my brother so I can talk to Demonboy in private” thing. That just got too weird and awkward for me. Does it get itself sorted out after that?


      1. I think so. I mean, it definitely has its awkward moments. But it does sort out some of the weirdness.


  4. Do you do The Librarians? I think that is bingable but it may be too simplistic in its storytelling.


    1. I tried, it has actors in it I love, but I wanted to strangle the lead and it just got too cutesy for me. Wonderful premise, wonderful actors, everything else, not so much. But that was the beginning; it may have gotten better. I bailed when the episode with Bruce Campbell as Santa Claus was bad. It takes a lot to make Bruce boring.


  5. I love the binge watch posts. You get such a variety of opinions and analysis. More than once those posts have helped me see shows I previously hated (or loved) in a completely different light, while simultaneously forcing me to try to articulate why I hated or loved them.

    Around inauguration time I did a Leverage rewatch, because I really wanted to see terrible scumbags get what was coming to them *cough*, and I went back and reread the Leverage posts just to make sure I was really appreciating how good these stories were, in long and short form.


  6. I was very happy to see the like button, and now the heart. It speaks to the community.

    (And I must confess that sometimes I like everyone’s post so they don’t feel left out. I’ll work on that.)


  7. I think you should write about whatever is on your mind. I’m pretty sure it all ends up in the books one way or another. (What I really want of course is you to write this book all the time because I can’t wait to read the final version, but I realize creativity doesn’t work like that. I don’t work like that either…)

    Please don’t take anything down.

    I want to see Nina’s crochet too!

    I did not see the Satan reveal coming. Keep in mind that we haven’t “seen” Satan so we don’t know there is a resemblance. I loved Satan’s reaction. I did find myself wondering if you might want Nick’s discovery sooner just so we could appreciate it more before getting to Satan’s…

    I think it’s fine for Max to have his POV appear so late. Of course it won’t be as late once you cut the first act more. But I’m a non writer so what do I know? (Well, not a fiction writer. I write for work.)

    We feed our spiders to my husband’s fish.


  8. Wow, I went on vacation to Kauai for a week and missed so much! The lemon oil/spider catcher remedies sound good but if the spider is an asshole, squash his butt is what I say. I love the Good Book post and am glad it will be around for awhile. So many great recommendations! Now I need to go read the Nita posts and catch up.


  9. Well, I did not make my photo a crab–I’m one of those boring people who never uploads a photo or other image.


    1. The blog assigns random monster avatars. There were other choices but they were uglier.
      Wonder if there’s a random avatar plug-in . . .

      ETA: I changed them to something else, equally disturbing but at least different.
      There’s also a choice of random patterns.


  10. I love the transformation of your home, but guess that’s on the back burner?

    Didn’t see the father thing coming, although this reading experience really isn’t like reading a published book.

    I skim the TV binges: most of the shows aren’t available to me in the UK on Freeview; plus our tastes differ (I won’t watch violence).

    Love the new Good Book Thursdays – and really everything here.

    What’s happened to Happiness Sunday today? I had a blissful weekend to report, and it’s nearly over on this side of the Atlantic.


    1. Oh, hell. I scheduled it but I forgot to check the time so it was going up at nine tonight.
      It’s up now. Report in, blissfully.


    1. I started it and wandered off after the pilot, but that was years ago when it was new,, and more an indication of my state of mind than the state of the show. I’ve been meaning to go back. In my spare time.


      1. As an Orphan Black plus, all the seasons are short, this year is the last one and the time frame of the show is really short. We all just ignore that the actress playing Sarah’s daughter is 5 years instead of 5 months older.


    2. That would be fun. I burned through two seasons and ran out of episodes. By the time new episodes were on Prime I was too absorbed with other things to go back. And it was a show best experienced with a binge watch if I remember right.


  11. I really liked the TV binges. I discovered Person of Interest and Sense8 through them, and had fun rewatching Leverage. I don’t know that I’ll be able to join in on whatever you do next. I live in a van now and internet is shaky, so television is rare. But I’d enjoy reading them, anyway. I never watched Arrow but I liked reading about it!

    (Also the van is by choice, I’m not homeless — well, I am homeless, but I’m not the kind of homeless that includes panhandling and shivering in the bitter winter cold. I’m the kind of homeless that includes beautiful walks through state parks at sunrise and a mailing address at my dad’s house.)


  12. Personally I would love a Grimm post if you decide to do it. I’ve been rewatching random early episodes since the finale. But I enjoy all the binge posts, so if you pick another show I’ll just follow along with that. This blog is really the main reason I watched Legends of Tomorrow and I wouldn’t have heard of Life on Mars without it, so the binge posts are a great recommendation source.

    Didn’t see the father reveal coming at all. There were hints in the draft and in your planning posts that her father was the reason she has her powers, but I had no idea it was Satan. It makes sense that it might not hit Nick until he was looking right at Satan and sees the resemblance.

    Max’s POV wasn’t disruptive. It’s our first visit to Hell and the first time we meet Satan and company, so a new POV seems to fit in with that. His take and Mammon and his cohorts was helpful, too. Also Max is fun.


  13. Re the binge watches: I really enjoy them, particularly for how much you teach me about constructing story. And I’ve found fun things I wouldn’t have otherwise.

    That said, what about The Magicians? It’s got community building, team building, and magic, plus cool story-within-story that I’d love to hear your thoughts on.


    1. That was another one I saw the first episode and thought, Huh, and never went back. I have the attention span of a gnat.
      The only new show I’ve started in the past year is Legion and I’m behind on that. The only show that’s must-watch for me is Legends of Tomorrow–I think I just need something that’s completely bonkers to watch in the midst of all the chaos that is America right now–and I still haven’t seen the finale. I’m way behind on Grimm, which I love. Part of it is that Nita is taking up all of my brain right now, and any other time I have is trying to get the house ready for guests this next week.

      But I’m thinking definitely a binge watch once I’m through this crazy time.


      1. I really loved the first season of The Magicians and am enjoying season 2, and I think three are elements Jenny would like a lot, but (and forgive me if I’m mis-remembering) I think Jenny prefers to avoid sexual violence so that makes it a pretty big No what with the events at the end of season 1. :/

        (I found that disturbing enough that I almost didn’t continue on with season 2, but I needed more Penny/Eliott & Margo so I hung in there.)


        1. Thanks for the heads up, Peggy! I’m only halfway through the first season – is there an episode I should skip?


          1. I’m not sure if it’s the finale or the penultimate episode, but it comes up again a lot as a major plot point/character motivation in season 2, so it’s in a lot of the “previously, on” segments.

            Just looked it up. It’s the finale. But there’s also a sexual violence subplot (not graphic but still disturbing) in “The Writing Room” (1×09).


      2. I love your TV writing – it’s was somebody in the comments on the ‘Mark Watches’ website linking to your reviews of Leverage that sent me to your blog in the first place! And I think we have roughly similar tastes…

        I’ve not yet tried The Magicians; I read the first book in the series a year or so ago and really struggled with it. I just wanted to strangle the lead character after a while (and his wonderful friends should maybe have encouraged him to see a doctor about his obvious depression…)

        We just finished Legion last night. Wonderful stuff, my sort of bonkers 🙂

        I’m a big grumpy about Grimm: I found out last week that the final season had already started in the UK and was on about episode 8 and only back to episode 4 was available on Catch-up. I’m sure it will come around again soon.

        Buy, yay, more iZombie! And thinking of shows on UK Netflix, if you haven’t watched The Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, you owe it to yourself as a treat!


        1. I did watch the first two seasons of Miss Fisher (there’s a third, too, right?) but I’d spend the whole blog cooing over the clothes. My god, the clothes.


          1. Yes there is a third season – and possibly a film in the offing. Essie Davis is now based in the UK and the producers are talking on doing a film overseas.

            🙂 the clothes are awesome. And her hats! I keep on buying hats on the theory that I will look as good, but every time I put one on my inner voice goes Noooo.

            I went to an exhibition of the clothes that Marion Boyce designed and made for the series and the level of work involved is insane.

            Every episode has it’s own colour and all the clothes will be aligned to that colour. They also include sound as a part of the clothes design; when Miss Fisher strides across the screen there will always be an accompanying sound, silk rustling, click of heels, swoop of wool, swish of feathers etc.

            One of the pieces in the exhibition was a stunning, black, floor length, beaded gown, and to be able to sew it they had to smash the beads on the fabric along the seam lines, cut the seams, sew them, and then re-sew the beads back in again.

            Lots of word, but an awesome result.


          2. Oh fer, “Lots of work” not lots of word.

            Although there are lots of them in my comment…

            (Yay my avatar is a DEMON!)
            I’m greeeeen…..


          3. Yep, we’ve got the third season lined up ready to watch! Oh god, yes, Miss Fisher has the best costuming. And if I looked as good in a 3 piece suit as Jack does, I’d wear suits a lot more after (damn him! ?)


          4. If I looked as good in hats and those slinky dresses as she does, I wouldn’t be wearing my pajamas all the time. Even her pajamas are better pajamas than mine.


  14. I didn’t see the father reveal coming, and I thought it was fantastic.

    I did find Max’s viewpoint mildly disruptive, much as I loved his voice. I think it’s too much, too late. It’s not just Max: until now we have seen literally no face put on the politics of Hell — a few names dropped by Nick, references to the Firsters, but no people (that aren’t bodies.) So we get a thrilling plot reveal (the father thing) followed by a brand new viewpoint and a bunch of new characters and a politics infodump. It’s not a dealbreaker for me, but it’s a big lump.

    (I’m really enjoying your writing process posts, by the way, and they’re giving me confidence my own nasty, messy, discovery-draft method will someday deliver an actual book. I had a bunch of real-life crises hit at the same time as the Muddle In The Middle, so I needed that confidence bump….)


    1. I think I agree with this about Max. Could he be trying to get info from Belia after the phone call, to get his pov in sooner? Or interacting with her in some other way on Mammon’s behalf?


      1. Be refers to him when she talks to Nick, but I can’t do a Max PoV scene earlier because there’s no reason to shift the scene to Hell. Max’s life is stable until Nick shows up down there again, so he has no story until then.


  15. I don’t know how to naturally prevent spiders, sorry.

    Anything you put up is lovely.

    I love the binge watch posts.

    I love posts about you making things for your cottage or remodeling it. Because you seen very handy and clever.

    Plus dog photos.

    : )


  16. I’ll read the rest of the comments after baby bedtime, but right now it is baby play time for 15 more minutes.

    I thought the reveal worked, because we knew something was different about her, but my first conclusion was that she was part demon, not Satan’s daughter.

    I really really enjoy the binge watches, even if they are about shows I haven’t watched yet (PoI) or never intend to start watching (Arrow, probably, since babies limit tv time). I love them when they’re about shows I love, like leverage, but you do a great job of summarizing so I don’t feel left out if I haven’t seen the show.

    I have no idea about the spiders, but I wish you luck! I’m dealing with some mice… Yelling at them doesn’t work any better than asking them nicely to leave, so we’ve resorted to traps. :/


  17. My husband, the certified pesticide use enforcement inspector, says thoughts of spiders jumping out at a person is “just crazypants talk.” He further states spiders won’t hurt you and are beneficials. I said, “yeah, and you’d want one in bed with you?” To which he came back with, “Well, then.” So smite it maybe?
    On a related note, heard David Bromberg last night. He opened with “Devil in Disguise,” then went on to quote several times and sing, “Speak the truth and give shame to the devil.” He also called out Sean Spicer. Devils seem to be a recurring theme in my life this month.
    Nick could not anticipate the father reveal until the moment he copped, and I love Max whenever he appears.
    Mollie is a genius, and we’re lucky to have her working on our side.
    Dogs, and more of life in New Jersey.


    1. The ceiling in there is unfinished (never buy a derelict cottage) and I have this horrible feeling they’re dropping out of there by accident. They literally plopped down on the bed and I heard them land. Or it. It might be the same guy. Also, spiders bite, trust me. Probably only when threatened, but still. I’m generally pro-spider since they do a nice job of cleaning up other bugs, but not in my bed.


      1. I seem to remember that in the case of old-fashioned soddies (where the roofs were made of dirt), people would tack up sheets to catch falling dust, roots and wildlife.

        When my kids were little, I tacked up a length of midnight blue sheer fabric, and we pasted glow-in-the-dark stars to it. (-: When we finally took it down, we had so much dust caught up there! But as a temporary measure, it might work to keep the spiders on a different level.


      2. Yes, but when spiders bite it hurts, and it made me sick, so sick I couldn’t drive. And I didn’t develop superpowers.


      3. You know this might be a good time to get a canopy bed.

        I know it’s for 8 year old girls but there’s a reason people who lived under thatched roofs thought they were a great idea.


        1. The bedroom is 7.5 feet by 10. I think canopy beds are bigger than that. I build my own platform bed and used an old fireplace mantel for a headboard/shelf. There’s also a TV/storage cabinet, a bedside chest of drawers and an etagere, plus a set of foam steps for the dogs. It’s not . . . roomy in here. It’s basically a bed with walls.

          I like the idea of adding a canopy to this bed, except that I put shelves near the ceiling o two walls to store bedding and I’d lose those. Must cogitate.


  18. My best suggestion for spiders is to deter them. Instead of dust spray/pledge/etc I spray bug spray on the swiffer and run it around the edge of the ceiling when doing a big clean. I only do this in the living room because my daughter is vocally anti spider, and that’s where she saw them, but it sure seems to work. We used to get nickle sized black ones in there, but no more. And it’s not like I’m falling over their bodies…


  19. My response to the reveal about Satan was pretty much Nick’s. Satan lifts his pointy chin, and I thought Hello??


  20. I heart the hearts.

    In my head, I always read Cherry as Cheery, so the holidays fit. I’m just after something to make me smile.

    The PoI binge-watching and discussion was fun, but there were sooo many episodes to start from scratch. Maybe something shorter? SF/Fantasy/Paranormal allows us to look at reality concepts with different filters, I’m all for it.

    I’m a reader, but I really enjoy the writing posts. They give insight that means I appreciate what I’m reading more.

    Nita’s dad reveal – ‘of course’ I thought, but I hadn’t got it before Nick did.

    There’s a mouse in my walls. I know it’s getting cold outside and he’s only looking for somewhere warm, but I can hear him behind the power socket in my daughter’s room, the scratching sound creeps me out, and I don’t want an electrical fire. I’m thinking bait, but I can’t help you with the spiders.


    1. Galavant and Limitless are both short, and I’m thinking that would be good. iZombie is starting its third season but it had short seasons, so that’s doable.

      Mostly right now I’m in cutting mode so I can get this damn act done and get back to writing fun stuff. I haven’t turned on the TV in three weeks; the last thing I watched was the Flash musical episode.


  21. I vote iZombie, because it’s so much fun, and I think we all need a little fun in our lives right now.


  22. The reveal made sense, didn’t anticipate it, but it did echo back to Wild Ride for me, down to the dialog. So there was that. I can roll, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t an aha moment.
    Do you know, I was going right along with The Who Sunday’s, and I ran smack up against that Astronaut episode with 11, and the website was wonky, and I totally derailed. Which is sad, because I miss Dr. Who.


    1. I’ve forgotten Wild Ride. I’ll have to go look.

      I got derailed on Who, too. I haven’t see most of the Capaldi years, although I did finish Matt Smith’s run.


    2. Dr Who starts up on BBCAmerica either this weekend or next weekend.

      Iron Chef Gauntlet starts up on Sunday I think.

      Team Ninja Warrior starts up in the next few weeks too – my kids are REALLY looking forward to that. USA seems to have picked that up from Esquire.


  23. I didn’t see the father reveal coming, but afterwards it made perfect sense. Max’s viewpoint wasn’t disruptive for me, even if it came late – Hell is a different place than the island, so it seemed normal to have different characters. I liked Max and seeing the scene from his viewpoint is the reason I’m willing to cut Mammon a little slack; Max is fond of him so he must have some redeeming features.

    I like the binge watches no matter which show you choose.

    Hurray for Mollie! And speaking of Mollie, is anyone else having trouble loading the arghink page? It’s taking me two or three tries to get here every time the last few days, and I’m not having trouble with any other websites.


  24. I would love to see more posts about crocheting/craftiness– I didn’t even realize you crocheted until you brought up that page in the website discussion! Hookers unite! (–Er. *cough* XD )

    I did not see Nita’s dad being the mayor coming, but I hadn’t really thought about him beyond, “Nick thinks Nita must be half-demon, so clearly her dad’s human because that would be too easy.” ….Wait, you’re talking about her dad being Satan, aren’t you. Well, I guess my comment still applies. It didn’t exactly disappoint me, because the potential for hijinks/awkwardness with her bio-dad being Nick’s boss is so promising, but I’m still kind of hoping/expecting that there’ll be more to the story than that. (Also, does this mean he’s also Mort’s dad? They’re twins, right? Seems like he’s being left out of the equation here, though funky “fraternal twins with two dads” could be fun too.)

    Speaking of Mort and Nita, one general question I’ve had, not specific to any scene, is WHY Mort believes in demons and Nita doesn’t. On the surface, the Mulder/Scully dynamic is awesome, but more and more it seems that Mort has KNOWLEDGE of demons, and not just belief. And when you throw in the Mayor’s similar knowledge/acceptance of demons, that’s really what stretches the plausible deniability of Nita’s disbelief. If they know something she doesn’t, why don’t they tell her? And if she knows it, too, why doesn’t she believe it? I could almost buy her just being so far up De Nile as a coping mechanism for her abilities/otherness, rather than not believing. Or if Mort’s belief/research thus far has been theoretical, then I could see it as something like religious differences. It’s not a dealbreaker that it hasn’t been addressed in the first act, but I find myself waiting and wondering as I read.

    Max’s first POV wasn’t as jarring as suddenly being in Hell for it and the previous scene, I think. The new location made it feel like an entirely different story. Which might not be a bad thing, if you wanted to emphasize the differences between Earth and Hell, I dunno. (Side note, I loved the mishmash of mythologies in naming parts of Hell.) (Also, why do the demons need hellgates if Nick and co. just come and go so easily? Is there some kind of demonic passport?)

    I love the holidays for Cherry Saturdays, but I always feel bad when I forget to check the blog until Monday and find I’ve missed some awesome obscure holiday…. XD


    1. The Mayor and Mort know for different reasons, and both of them have reasons to keep it a secret. Mort really only tries to convince Nita and never gives her the real reason which would be convincing.

      Nita and Mort have different fathers even though they’re twins. It’s something that happens in real life:

      Superfecundation is the fertilization of two or more ova from the same cycle by sperm from separate acts of sexual intercourse. The term superfecundation is derived from fecund, meaning the ability to produce offspring. Heteropaternal superfecundation occurs when two different males father fraternal twins.


      1. It happens in cats regularly. My mama cat (now spayed, but pregnant when we rescued her from a bad living situation resulting in 3 litters in 12 months) had 5 kittens with what appears to be 3 males (judging by phenotype, not genotype since we obviously didn’t do any testing). She was a popular kitty with the boys, that’s for sure.


  25. I like the TV binge watches, even if I can’t keep up. I like anyone talking about story.

    I did not see the Nita dad reveal coming. I think it makes sense when Nick put it together.

    I think Max POV is fine, not too late.


  26. Applause for Mollie; sorry about the spiders (and maybe mouse).

    I enjoy pretty much everything on the blog. I even mostly read the TV posts, despite not watching TV or knowing any of the shows.

    The writing stuff is fascinating; even if I never get around to writing my novel, it changes how I read, especially your books.

    I also appreciate the links to resources for political information and action.

    That said, one of my favorite things on this blog–and maybe the whole internet–last year was the discussion on diversity in writing. Not too much of that kind of thoughtful and respectful exchange last year, online or anywhere. Of course, it helps to have, in the words of a commenter on different post, a “high priestess holy queen bitch of awesomeness” as the moderator. 🙂


  27. Spiders like moist (which is why they are often in basements)–can you use a dehumidifier in your bedroom? I live in an old farmhouse and it is spider heaven. (Ugh.) If I can get at them easily, I scoop them up with a thin piece of cardboard and a cup and rehome them outside. Otherwise, alas, they are toast. My rule on bugs is, “You stay outside, I’ll leave you alone. You come inside, all bets are off.”

    Yay Mollie!


    1. My big fear is that they’re dropping from the unfinished ceiling. Yes, I know, time to finish the ceiling. It’s on my list. Along with a septic tank. Priorities . . . (Never buy a derelict cottage. “Derelict” should have been my clue, although in my defense, the listing said “Unoccupied for several years . . .”)


  28. I second Miss Fisher’s. I love that show. Also, The Catch is fun and is holding up well the second season. Imposters is an intriguing concept, but I’m holding my breath to see if the season finale holds up. I always feel like I’m suffering through the Magicians for Julia and Kady (who never disappoint). But I think the Americans and Expanse are two of the best written shows on TV. Oh, and Big Little Lies was really, really good.

    Spiders–I’d be sleeping in another room too! I like the idea of a net until you finish the ceiling.


    1. I keep hearing about The Americans. If I ever finish Nita, I’m going to need to binge something completely different to clear my brain, although it also sounds kind of depressing.
      The Catch might be more down my lane.


      1. The Catch is pretty much The Thomas Crown Affair—the TV show. The characters are well written, the actors are great, and I don’t feel like anyone is stupid. I liked the first season, but I’m loving the second season.
        The Americans is a spy show that is actually about these two people learning to have a relationship and questioning who they are/what they believe in/and finding their emotions. There are a few parts that are hard to watch, but Kerri Russel and Matthew Rhys are fantastic (well really all the actors are). It’s not really depressing, but dark things happen.


        1. Oooh, The Americans is on my binge-watch list because I have heard great things about it, and because Graham Yost is the showrunner, and I <3 Graham Yost. (Last year I binge watched Justified – so good! – and I am just finishing up Sneaky Pete, which, btw, has Margo Martindale being fabulous as always.)


  29. Dammit, it’s almost 3 in the morning, and now I’m hearing gigantic spiders and mice everywhere. This is when I really miss my lab mix, who would either jump up and chase whatever it was or roll over and go back to sleep, letting me know it was just my imagination. The Pyr would sleep through an invasion of elephants, now that she’s so ancient. Bless her heart.


  30. I know you said you’re moving over the WIP slowly, so this might just be me being impatient, but I don’t think the last version of Nita is available on either site at the moment? I hadn’t had a chance to read it yet, so I was going to read through to see if I had an opinion on the father revelation.

    When I went to look for it, I see what is looking like might eventually be links to the Nita stuff on the argh work in progress section, but the links aren’t working yet (or at least not for me? I’m viewing in Chrome Version 58.0.3029.54 beta on a mac book pro running El Capitan version 10.11.3)

    Sorry if I’m just being super impatient when you already explained you were moving things around…but I figured since you were asking you might not realized they weren’t working yet.


    1. I’ve been alternating between writing and cleaning–KRISSIE IS HERE–so the website switched got put back. The stuff usually self-destructs in a week anyway.

      But I will move it soon, tonight if I can. Must feed Krissie first.


      1. No worries – I was hesitant to say anything in case you just hadn’t had a chance to do it yet. I’d much rather leave you in peace to write and enjoy your time with Krissie. Hi Krissie!


        1. She schlepped me to the eye doc today–one eye is 20/20, the other got a shot–and then we came home and both of us took a nap. She slept thirteen hours straight last night, and I got a good eight hours. I think the change of pace is good for us both. I was making myself crazy on about three different fronts and she’s been handling a lot at home, so it’s good when we interrupt each other’s schedules. I asked her what she wanted to do tomorrow and she said, “Nap.” Sometimes, you just need to sleep.


          1. Oh, god, it’s 9 a.m. and a nap sounds like absolute paradise! I’m waiting for the menopause fairy to come, and she is taking her own sweet time, so in the meantime, I get exhausting PMS.

            TGIF. Maybe I’ll get a nap in tomorrow.


  31. The Americans is awesome – you should definitely add it to your list. While it has some depressing moments, it is not a depressing show.


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