13 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday 2-4-2017

  1. Thank you to Pam who e-mailed me about the glitch and to Jane who wrote in the comments of the now deleted post:

    “I’m worried about that poor creature: it looks most uncomfortable. I’m about to put my red hat on to keep me warm while I go for a long walk to the woods, via some patches of snowdrops. With my camera and sandwiches, to make the most of a sunny day.

    It also seems to be Courier day, unless the font change is a temporary glitch?”

    I don’t know what that was, but I’m paranoid about being hacked, so the whole thing is now deleted from both the blog and the trash. Have a nice Saturday, everybody!”

  2. I typed a comment that the blog ate when you reset it.

    Essentially saying I prefer Courier to Times.

    I lurve red. Will wear this evening. Serendipitously, I bought a new red hair dye that I will use in two days after patch test. It comes with red colour extender. Wonder if it’ll work.

  3. I thought that Courier looked nifty. But I also miss typewritten documents, so clearly I am sadly lacking in hep.

  4. As a woman who’s had quad by-passes, and three stents, I love and support the American Heart Association full heartily. If not for the dedicated researches and the doctors at fifty-five I’d have met my maker. So glad to be here. Each day is a gift. Wear red, I do each and everyday (lol, my purse is red.)

  5. Almost all the cashmere sweaters at my favorite thrift shop are red so many days this winter have been wear red days.

  6. I wore a red sweater to go shopping but it is now time to start prepping to paint my breakfast room cabinets so I will wear something that can be trashed.

  7. Does anyone remember the old children’s book, Anne Likes Red? My sister adored that, and I’m thinking about it because I’ve been asked to help write some EFL books for first- and second-graders. I thought Anne was vain and shallow when I was seven, but her story has stuck with me over the decades, which is the sign of a powerful book. I’d love to write a book like that. (-: We’ll see what happens. I think it was the conflict that was the key: Anne’s mother isn’t fond of the monochrome look, and tries to steer Anne into non-red territory, but Anne very firmly states her preferences, and gets her way. “A red hat for Anne.”

    1. Red is a very lucky colour.

      I remember a children’s book about a mouse that wore a red and white striped crinoline, that was a my favourite book in the library. Still remember it decades later.

  8. I missed yesterday but will wear red today to make up for it. And take hawthorn berries, which are very good for your heart.

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