The Joe Meme

I somehow missed these this week. Google for more; they’re all over the net. Come back, Joe. We need you.









I know we’d have lost them even if Hillary had won, but I’m still blaming Trump: I’m so going to miss these guys.


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  1. We wouldn’t necessarily have lost Joe; rumor had it he was at the top of Hillary’s short list for Secretary of State… and now I’m sad all over again. That would have been awesome.

  2. If you donate to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name, they will send a certificate of donation to Governor Pence, State House, Room 206, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2797. You can do this via their website… Not saying that they even get opened when arriving at the State House or just auto tossed into the trash. I’m sure they aren’t keeping any kind of track, but maybe PP is?

      1. Yes, I not only saw that but forwarded it on. Couple of friends have already donated.

        I think we should do the same thing for the ACLU, but in the name of Trump or perhaps his evil minion Bannon.

        Perhaps both on a monthly basis so that the reminders of our displeasure keep appearing.

  3. My co-worker showed us some of the memes while we were at work. Good fun. I’ve been thinking about donating in Trump/Pence’s name. Now that I know they send them a certificate the idea is even more appealing.

  4. LOL! Well, more like snorted, trying to suppress it so I wouldn’t scare my co-workers, but still. Great memes!

    I am starting to identify the states of liberal mourning: 1) stunned shock, 2) protesting, yelling and dragging the facts out for another good run-through, and now 3) what can we do to mess with their brains?

    It seems like a very loudmouth-Republican tactic (as opposed to the good-Republican tactics which our fellow Republican-Arghers must surely follow), but hee-hee, it feels good. I have thought we’re going to have to self-tax ourselves in the form of donations to charities that matter to us; this makes the whole donation thing seem like a lot of fun as well as being wholesome and kind. Maybe donate to the next hurricane relief in the Trump Head of the EPA’s name or something (-:. Oh, the possibilities really are more than I can afford.

    1. Another grassroots activity: Josh Marshall over at TPM has asked readers to see if they can find out about the reactions of their GOP representatives and senators to the proposed cancellation/privatization of Medicare. One reader wrote that when he called his representative’s office, the harassed-sounding guy on the phone asked if it was about Steve Bannon.

      So: call your GOP rep/sen and complain about the appointment of Bannon. He is absolutely the biggest horror story yet, amid a number of horror stories on the appointments list. Annoy the crap out of them.

      BTW, writing, especially emails, appears to be relatively useless. Phone calls are better.

      1. Call the local office rather than the one in DC. I’ve read they pay more attention to the ones that come from their local constituents. Plus you can actually cultivate relationships with the people at the local office. Probably a good idea, since I’m going to be one the phone with them a lot over the next 4 years.

  5. Okay so I found a few more.

    Obama: Joe, did you leave cheetos in the guest bathroom?

    Joe: Yeah.

    Obama: why?

    Joe: In case he wants to powder his nose?

    And “I changed the wifi password to I love Mexicans. He’ll never get service.”
    And “I replaced all the door handles with cat shaped door knobs. So every time he goes to open the door….”

    1. That is the BEST!

      Lordy, I am going to miss Michelle. I sure hope she doesn’t just drop from view. Well, okay, she deserves a break, a nice holiday on a desert island somewhere warm and sunny, but I hope it’s not for all too long… We need her fire and level-headedness.

  6. Thank you. Trying so hard to laugh silently at work that I’m crying now. The Etch-a-Sketch one is fabulous.
    Consider donating to Defenders of Wildlife or something similar in the name of the new head of the EPA. It seems more workable than putting a hill of fire ants under his desk.
    Is it just me or does there seem to be a real movement towards dumbing things down — disbelieving in science, defunding libraries, scorning reading.

  7. I love this one:

    Joe: Why does Trump want to ban pre-shredded cheese?

    Barack: I don’t know, Joe, why does Trump want to ban pre-shredded cheese?

    Joe: He wants to make America grate again!


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