Keep Calm and Carry On


I bought a canister of tea yesterday even though I have plenty because I wanted the pink tin to remind me that even though there is real and present danger on the horizon, every day life is important, too. And in that spirit, I’ve been working on pulling the basics of Nita’s book together. I’ve looked at the cast and tried to figure out how to make them a team, so next week, there’ll be a post on defining and building a story team. I think I’ve solved my antagonist problem and I’ll probably be talking about that, too, because this is a new approach for me. And I’ve been talking with Krissie about the importance of touchstone images while pulling a story together, and I have a lot of those. So starting Monday, it’s gonna be a lot of posts about writing and Nita again.

Add a hot cuppa for attitude readjustment and I’m good to go.

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  1. I’m having a chilli and spice hot chocolate. Does anyone know the song Not Given Lightly, by Chris Knox? It reminds me of what you said about how writing romance isn’t for wimps. He has the line, near the end ‘This is a love song for John and Leisha’s mother. This isn’t easy, I might not write another.’

    I like hearing about the process though.

  2. A cuppa tea and a biscuit! Solves everything, it does. It’s a zen act, brewing loose leaf or steeping a bag. Forces you into breathing room even in the midst of high stress.

    Well, it does for me.

    Btw all a’ y’all: Holyfucktheelection website really helped me. The fact it gives options for babies and puppies to soothe helps tremendously because you know that on the very same site, there are options for things you can do as soon as you are ready. It gave me a sense of the despair as “this too shall pass” and anger as energy I can use in future.

    It is empowering because it offers you choices.

    1. Yes – you mentioned that site before, and you’re right. I was fascinated by the studies on the powerful effect of writing just 20 minutes a day, three days, about emotional experiences–how just that empowered people to move on.

      Thanks for pointing out the site!

  3. I have an online friend who is writing uplifting notes on post its. Which she is planning on leaving on grocery carts. Also cars with Clinton/Kaine decals, etc. on them. She’s in a VERY red area of the country and while she is deeply disappointed with the election results and aftermath so far in her area, she is hoping to provide some lift to others who feel like her.

    She’s reporting instances of racism and homophobia skyrocketing in her area, ranging from casual comments to spray painting stuff on driveways.

    1. Okay so your tea bin makes me want to share something good that happened to me. It involves another writer but I know you and my argh friends will still appreciate it.
      I won a pound of Eve Dallas Roast from Dublin Roasters Coffee!
      I won it off of J. D. Robb’s Facebook page.
      Now all I need is Roarke.

      1. Congratulations! I have no competing coffee so no worries (g).
        Every time Krissie comes to stay, we have to find the coffeemaker. Bleah.

    2. Oh, I really like this as a rebuke to hateful graffiti. It spreads love, and it’s easy to get rid of the physical evidence, but maybe the message will linger longer in hearts and minds because one must choose to get rid of it or leave it be or pass it on to a different spot.

  4. I just bought four new boxes of various tea bags, I love hot tea. I was trying to wait until I was down to just two boxes left but eh, it’s not like it’s a crazy expensive habit and I do drink it all day long. YAY on the upcoming Nick/Nita post!

      1. I’m that way about chocolate. You never know when the zombie apocalypse is going to hit. Oh, wait…

        I’m trying to work on pre-writing for my own novel. Knowing you’re back to work on yours is the kick in the butt I need.

  5. Ok, you’ve got me. I’ve been avoiding working on my story because of big life changes that disrupted work, and now I’m feeling scared to start again. Also Netflix exists and my room is cold.

    But you’re doing it, so I can too.

    1. Oh, HUGE CHANGES.
      And I’ve just realized that next Thursday is Thanksgiving. I’m thinking of skipping it this year under the circumstances. You may get craft posts with your turkey.
      Although I do like dressing and gravy . . .

      1. I have it on very good authority (Cranky Agnes) that dressing is “really just a delivery system for the gravy.” πŸ˜‰

  6. Hooray! That pink really is quite calming; would go great with some Wedgewood Blue (they also do teas).

    I’m working on the keep calm part. And I swear every morning I’m going to work on the carry on part, but it seems that every night, I’ve only done the bare minimum: day job, three meals, feed and clean up after the cats. And I guess I have been good about exercising for the past four weeks or so. It’s become a new minimum that I start to take for granted. Twinkling at the edge of my consciousness is the awareness of how easy it is to fall off the Good Habit train. But, I’m keeping calm, hanging on, resolving to carry on as soon as I can. Could happen today.

  7. I’d buy the tea for the cute tin, too. Am a big tea fan & a big tin fan so it’s a win-win for me. πŸ™‚

    Will also be happy to get more writing posts. Spent my whole week trying to get one scene right–could use some inspiration on how to focus & stay in the “happy writing zone” when life & current events can be so distracting.

    I do unplug from the world when I write, but somehow my writer brain doesn’t always follow.

  8. A chunk of my workplace fell down last Sunday, if the quake had happened 12 hours later then some of my colleagues (and probably some members of the public including high school students who regularly got sent to that part of the building) would be dead.

    Tea and baking and long walks are proving very helpful.

    So is re-watching Steven Universe (and I suspect I will be re-reading your books for comfort so thank you for that).

    The world is a very big and scary place right now thank you for helping to improve it.

  9. I really need to keep calm and carry on and not get my hopes up to high. Jill Stein has announced the Green Party is filing for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania because she believes the election was hacked. Trump only won by 27,000 in Wisconsin and 11,600 in Michigan and 68,000 in Pennsylvania. Jill says the voting machines used in those states have been shown to be hackable.

    If Hillary got in, she still would not be able to do much since the Republicans control Congress but at least she would be able to stop them from pushing their agendas.

    1. There’s some private firm that’s saying the same thing. I’m skeptical. But Hillary’s over two million ahead in the popular vote, mostly because of CA, I think, so it’s not as far out as it seems.
      It’s interesting that it’s Jill Stein doing that.
      The really, really, really out there option is that thirty or so people in the electoral college change their votes. It’s not going to happen, but they can if they want to. The EC doesn’t vote until the middle of December so there’s plenty of time for Trump to screw up, but the upheaval that would cause in the country . . .
      This has been the weirdest election ever.

      1. Apparently Jill Stein has set up a go-fund-me to raise the funds for the challenge, and it’s now over $2 million (needs about $2.5 million). I don’t know if it would change the outcome, but… Interesting times.

        1. She got her 2.5 mill and now is going for more, so there’ll probably be a recount in at least three swing states.
          Normally, I’d say, nothing will come of this. But normal left the country awhile ago.


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