I Have Yet To See FIRST STAR I SEE TONIGHT, But . . .

SEP Card 2Today, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, the Queen of Romantic Comedy and My Close Personal Friend, releases “the most important book of the 21st century,” First Star I See Tonight, a book I have not read even though somebody said, “I’ll send you a copy.” Well, she’s busy. Because she has a new book out that you should buy. Here’s what you need to know about it:

“Pal Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ newest, FIRST STAR I SEE TONIGHT, goes on sale August 23. He’s the recently retired quarterback of the Chicago Stars football team. She’s the founder of a brand new detective agency. Unfortunately for her (but not for us), her first assignment is to follow him. It’s not going to go well. Plenty of SEP’s trademark humor, great conflict, and lots of sizzle.”

From the blurb on SEP’s website, I know this heroine is my kind of protagonist: When football star Cooper Graham spots Piper Dove following him, Piper decides not to go with the truth–“Why yes, I am a detective”–and instead confesses to criminal intent as the lesser of two evils: ““The fact is . . . I’m your stalker. Not full-out barmy. Just . . . mildly unhinged.” Since “mildly unhinged” pretty much sums up some of my favorite SEP heroines, I’m already in her corner. Add in a great starred Kirkus Review (and those people are not easy to please)–“This thoroughly enjoyable novel delivers a swift kick to the heart—an essential summer read”–and it’s clear that you should BUY THIS BOOK.

Also “laughter,” “heart,” and “sexy” are key words. As in “This book will put much laughter in your heart, you sexy reader.”

Here’s the gorgeous cover:

FirstStarISeeTonight_FINAL CVR

It’s by this equally gorgeous author:

Queen SEP I’ll let you know specifics when I’ve read the book, but I can assure you that it’s a Susan Elizabeth Phillips romance which means it’s excellent romantic comedy. (It does have a football player hero instead of the Devil, but there’s no accounting for taste. Some people are just strange.) You should buy this book because it’s by the Queen. There’s a reason she’s the Queen. (It’s not because of her office, though.)

Also Charles will appreciate it.

30 thoughts on “I Have Yet To See FIRST STAR I SEE TONIGHT, But . . .

  1. Thank you, my friend!!! Your book is coming. I promise. And Charles sends his regards!!!

  2. For me, her books tend to stay perfectly to the right side of the kooky & funny line, and don’t veer over into the territory of forced, false-seeming eccentricity.

  3. Book bought since way last year. Looking forward to its arrival and a span of time to read it in one sitting. Thank you for the reminder. I’ve read excerpts — it’s high SEP. You both build community so well, and there they all are at the climax.

  4. Yay! Just got mine! I would normally have gotten it in print, but I’m taking a mini-vacation with friends and will be stuck on the bus for two hours in either direction. This seems like just the thing to get me through. Thanks, Susan! (And Jenny.)

  5. Book bought since way last year. Looking forward to its arrival and a span of time to read it in one sitting. Thank you for the reminder. I’ve read excerpts — it’s grand SEP. You both build community so well, and there they all are at the climax.

  6. Kathy and I went to see her at Books and Company in Beavercreek last night. She was wonderful and now I have my very own signed copy.

  7. Excellent. I have a third interview for a job I want tomorrow, so this book can be my celebration, or my consolation prize. Thank god for happiness in book form, and all you awesome people who write them.

  8. I grew up in a family that threw rolls. Rather than passing them, though, not at other people’s heads.

  9. One of my former pediatric partners was also a Lt Commander in the Naval Reserve. One night they had a fancy dinner meeting, dress whites, they looked great. Until somebody throws a roll at somebody else about halfway through this boozy night. The admiral (who is a prominent local attorney, and a serious nut) stands up formally and requests permission to return fire from hostile incoming. These yoyos start a food fight in the middle of this really lovely fancy dinner at a Louisville landmark private club. They totally trashed the place. The youngest guy there was about 40, it wasn’t like they were drunken teenagers. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall that night, both during the food fight and afterward to see how much trouble they got into. I think one good food fight in your life should be required after the age of 25. I’m a firm believer in not taking yourself too seriously! Hence the pediatrician thing. It’s hard to be egotistical with patients who pee on you. Frequently.

  10. Mine arrived on my Kindle on Tuesday, so I’m three-quarters of the way through. Great fun, and I especially like the tomboy heroine. There was a technical glitch, though: even at the smallest size, the type was far too big on my Kindle Touch. I deleted and re-downloaded it, but it made no difference. So I’m having to read it on my iPad Mini, which is not good for my wrists, but much better for looking up arcane Americanisms and placenames.

  11. Ha ha. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, I love these stories. Got my copy of FSIST, I believe it was Charles who came up with the title 😉 and look forward to the delicious read. Have to finish galley copy today on One Safe Place, but this book will be my reward.

  12. Queen?
    Welllll, I dunno man.
    It’s not her blog I hang out at all the time. Or mostly all the time:-D

    Hi all a y’all. Hope life’s swell.

    I’m re-watching Firefly for revision on my life philosophy. Sometimes a reminder is good. Also re-watching Firefly is like re-reading all Jenny Crusie or old Tamora Pierce – it is visiting with good friends.

    1. She is the Queen of Romantic Comedy.
      I’m the Rebel Scullery Maid, plotting revolution in the castle kitchen with chocolate and some dogs.
      We’re both happy with our roles in this story (g).

  13. I read that Charles post the first time around but I had to re-read it again; and laugh myself silly again.
    Going to get the book as soon as I hit send on this comment. I was lucky enough to hear her speak, get my pic with her and have her sign my copy of Heroes Are My Weakness, which I loved.
    Now I have a signed Crusie (Maybe This Time) and a pic with the rebel, and a signed SEP and a pic with the queen. Just need to make my way to a JAK signing and I will have the trifecta!

    1. She interviewed herself on Writerspace.
      I wrote back and asked for permission to use it on my blog.I added I would giveaway of one of my extra copies of her older books. There’s no way I’m giving away my copy of First Star. She wrote back “Go for it.”
      So Happy Dance. I’ve got the book, and permission to use the interview on my blog. Can I ask you if I could use the Queen pic?
      One of my dreams has been to have SEP on my blog. (My other dream is to have you on it.) I’ve had Lani and JAK. Then I will have had all my living favorite writers.

  14. Just read the Charles post. Fabulous. Must share on Facebook. You made my night and it was already pretty good. Tomorrow I get to be on an unnamed television show as a recurring costar.

      1. The initials are AHS. my resume on imdb pro now says Untitled Major Network Show. Recurring co star. These people are obsessive about privacy. As soon as my first one airs I want to do a post on incredible costume and makeup people.


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