The Office: Day One

As I write this, it’s Wednesday, and I still haven’t started on the office, so it’s time. And thank god I decided to post every Thursday or I’d never get started on this.

It’s almost four o’clock? Jeez. Well, I did get my e-mail done and do a couple of Happiness posts for ReFab, but mostly I slept until eleven and read the news on the net (which includes io9 and AVClub, of course). Hail, Caesar looks excellent. Also, I decided to watch some hotel movies because for some reason I think that’ll help with You Again. No idea why, but never doubt your instincts. I also took the dogs out and walked down to the mail. Yeah, I did nothing for four hours. And now, lunch.

Lunch. Read Ravelry groups while eating. Really want to crochet and think now.

Crocheted and thought about You Again.
Also, my bedroom needs cleaned up. Later for that.
Answered e-mail from Krissie. My inbox is empty, the one place in my life I’m actually on top of.

Took the dogs out and brought in the trash cans. Veronica and Mona came with me. Milton made a break for the woods.
Hunted down Milton. Chased him back into the house with multiple “Bad Dog!”s.

More crochet and thinking.
I need to walk Milton a lot more.
I need to put up hooks in this bedroom.
I need to go look to see if I missed a bag of Maltesers in the snack basket.
Milton has crawled between the bed and side table to get at the chocolate covered blueberries I dropped there last night. One or two won’t hurt him, but I shooed him out anyway.
Wolfie is yiping again, stuck in a corner.
Milton is now investigating the recycling bag.
I just want to crochet and think.
Turning points in You Again. I know what they are, I’m just not sure what order they come in, which means I have to think about Acts.
And get Wolfie out of the corner and the recycling away from Milton.

Just spent forty-five minutes trying to figure out the layout of the house in You Again. Originally, I based it on a Clue game. Think maybe I’ll stick with that.



Much better.
Cleared out in-box again.
Oooh, AV Club says that the Muppets are better after break.
Rats, not on Hulu yet.
Guess I’ll have to clean.
I could wait until tomorrow . . .

Okay. So I think I’ll start with the couch end/workroom part of the office. Because it’s the least horrible, which is not to say it’s not horrible. It’s vile:


Taking a break which is what asthmatics do when they start to breathe funny. Taking a Diet Coke and all the stuff I found that belongs in the bedroom to the bedroom.
Here’s where we are:


The plan for down there is to keep only what I need to actually work. So no crochet, that goes to the bedroom or the living room. Pens, pencils, scissors, reading glasses, paper, a laptop desk, lots of pillows. Those are all there now, so that’s set.

Wrote a critique post for Writing/Romance.
Mocked up a floor-plan for You Again. That took hours longer than I’d planned, but now it’s done. YAY.
I also cleared out my in-box again. My mail is so tidy.

And then the lights went out and I was without power until now (4PM next afternoon). It was not pretty. I’ve been up since the power left, so I am now going to sleep. Have a lovely evening.

27 thoughts on “The Office: Day One

    1. Straight ahead, the window looks out on the side yard and the edge of the garage (lot slopes so back of house becomes the second story.
      To the left is treetops (lot REALLY slopes) and a very small porch.
      To the right is the kitchen. The window there is leftover from when this room was the back porch.

  1. I remember that the game of Clue made me really wish our house had a Conservatory as a child. It sounded so fancy to me. Looking at the game board now, it strikes me as funny to imagine a house comprised mostly of hallways and strangely named sitting rooms. I guess they must have had an outhouse.

    I think it look as if you got a lot done on the office space, so congratulations! Cleaning and decluttering are the most daunting tasks for me. It’s hard to get started, but once you get going, it will probably be easier.

      1. Those were upstairs, where evidently nobody ever died.
        I know they did a bigger house for a later Clue board, but I don’t think they ever did an upstairs.

  2. Are those planks of wood to the left in both pictures? I wish I could upload the horror that is behind me and the computer right now…makes your room look like a minimalist’s dreamabode!

    1. Yep, that’s wood. It’s going to be shelving and trim and bookcases. I have the stuff stacked all over the house.

  3. Ah, the Clue board. We bought ours on a camping trip to the States ca. 1959. I still have it (at least I think I do, but oddly, it has vanished from its shelf recently). Not sure I wanted a conservatory, but, oh, those Secret Passages!

    And about a million years ago I wrote a novella based on the Clue characters and layout. Except I liked Mr. Boddy (Miss Scarlett’s Uncle) so much I killed off Mrs. White instead. And Col. Mustard was an imposter. No twins, though.

    Speaking of which, did any of the 1920s Rule of Mystery Writing say anything about imposters? Definitely an asset. P G Wodehouse used them all the time, usually more than one in each book, and sometimes even had double imposters, that is, someone who was pretending to be impersonating himself, but was really himself. If you follah.

    Sorry, babbling.

    1. The rules do not apply to Wodehouse. He’s like Pratchett, he could do anything he wanted because it always turned out wonderfully.

    2. I kept the 1970s board when we were clearing out the family home. It’s in the art room decor rotation.

  4. You might already know exactly what you want for hooks in the bedroom, but as a general recommendation for a small house (my house is 1150 sq ft), I found these hooks at the Container Store that work so well here, I’ve been getting them for different rooms and also for closets. They come in a variety of colors (espresso, walnut, oak, bamboo, white, brushed nickel, etc.), so they work in a variety of spaces.

    I like them because the whole apparatus, including the hooks, sits flush against the wall unless/until you pull out a hook to use it. So I can hang a bunch of damp towels in the bathroom or a bunch of coats and hats in my little entryway, BUT I don’t risk getting gored by hooks when I’m not using them (which worried me with most wall hooks I looked at, since most of the spaces in this house are small).

    1. Oh, those are a good idea. Won’t fit with the cottage though.
      For the back bedroom, I’ve gone full on Girl. It’s pink with sparkly glass knobs and I’ve found good solid hooks with sparkly glass knobs, so I’m going with those. Home Depot, I think.
      Something like these:
      The hook in the office is plain brushed chrome.

      1. Jenny, looking at what you chose there… I have some wall hooks that might work somewhere in your cottage. I got them years ago in my last apartment, thinking I’d eventually buy a house where they work. They don’t work here, but I’ve never parted with them, because they’re so pretty. If they might work for you, I’d love to send them to you. Would be pleased to know they have a better home than the drawer of mine they’ve been sitting in for years.

        They’re metal, an antique-looking white color, and the hook at the end of each one is a small porcelain flower in pale mint green or sage. Same shape as the hooks in your link.

        If you email me at with your mailing address, I’ll send them to you, if you think they might suit someplace in your cottage someday.

        1. That’s so sweet. They sound perfect for me. E-mail sent.

          I was thinking about you today. Was the last time we were together that day you brought Mary Jo Putney to lunch at my Ohio house? Or was it at the art crawl? Regardless, it was YEARS ago. That’s one thing I regret about leaving Ohio; I left some good people behind.

          And now it turns out they have hooks . . .

          1. The last time I saw you was indeed when Mary Jo and I fled to your house like refugees, because you had electricity, refrigeration, and hot water. Hurricane Ike had taken out power throughout much of the area, including my apartment. So we came to your house to show, eat, visit, and watch movies.

          2. That was a good day. Well, I loved having you both there. Not so good for traveling or living in the no-power zone.

  5. I have always especially loved your posts about the cottage, and I’m excited to see what you have in store for this space.

    Plus I always get great ideas from people’s comments. Those retractable hooks are excellent.


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