Forgot to mention . . .

There’s a new issue of an old Christmas novella called “Hot Toy” out now . . .


If you read the anthology Santa Baby, you’ve read this. It’s old, not new.
Nice cover, though.

16 thoughts on “Forgot to mention . . .

  1. I like that cover! I just read that for the first time last Christmas and really enjoyed it. It was a treat to find a new-to-me story by you.

    1. Oh, that was lovely. Thank you for the link!
      The people in the comments thinking that I set the price of my e-books less so.
      Although I do have high self-esteem.

      1. There weren’t any comments when I read the review. I just don’t get how people think it’s YOU who sets the price. *shakes head*

        1. Maybe because so many novella e-books are self-published? Although I used to get that stuff on the hardcovers, too.
          A lot of people don’t understand how publishing works, so it’s not that surprising. Still annoying, but not that surprising.

  2. This is cute! I’ve been trying to figure out what I like in a cover. I do like clean — either a cartoon or a single/a few icons on plain backgrounds. I like faces, but on a romance, I don’t mind if they are dog faces (better be a dog in the book, though! I want the cover to tie in to the book somehow). And now I’ve discovered that sugar can sell me, too. Thinking back, I’ve seen some books with a few cupcakes on the cover, and they generally do their job and make me open my browser to my favorite bookstore.

    Candy canes really say Christmas to me, and the heart-shape is clever. And, there’s that phantom sugar rush I get just by looking at the minty goodness . . . I bet those are *real* candy canes, not those silly fruity things that look delicious but turn out to be something better suited for a beach party.

  3. I’ve read it, but got it for Kindle. And on the subject of price, I’d rather spend $4 for something well written than 99 cents for garbage. I’m kind of pissed at the moment, because I just tried to read back-to-back 99 cent novels that I couldn’t finish.
    The big question is, will I keep Hot Toy until the season, or gobble it up now? Or read it twice? Big decisions.


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