Cherry Saturday 7-12-14

Today is Pecan Pie Day, but enough about that. Have you been reading The Worst Muse on Twitter? Because you should. It’s terrible and wonderful at the same time:





Sadly, there are probably people reading that feed and thinking, “Great advice.” Although actually the were-corgis idea might be a winner . . .

20 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday 7-12-14

  1. In one of Bruce Coville’s YA books (The Monsters of Morley Manor) there was a were-human; he was generally a spaniel, but turned human during the full moon. He played a key part of coping with the bad guys.

  2. were-corgis would be great because you can have your characters living in Buckingham Palace interacting with the Royals with the Royals none the wiser. Sort of like a Borrowers situation.

      1. I love that idea within total reason. It’s awesome. The werecorgis have lived for centuries within the Royal families and the keepers of the real secrets behind the castle walls. Every full moon, they report in straightforward, taciturn yaps, to their true masters – the long missing Two Princes.
        Yes, this may be my pecan pie consumption typing.

  3. 1. During my sojourn that ended up with me in Houston, I discovered a fervent love of pecan pie while I was in San Antonio (lovely town). I shall have to search out some today. I’m not sure that Seattle pecan pie will be the same as Texas pecan pie, but I will bravely make the comparison.

    2. I love were-corgis. I love the ideas. I expect I’ll spend the rest of the day thinking about were-corgis.

  4. I did not have pecan pie, alas (it is one of my favorites). But a friend came to visit from out of town and brought and entire “Ultimate chocolate indulgence” cake from her local bakery. And yes, yes it was.

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever had pecan pie. But we call such sweet dishes tarts here. Nope, I don’t think I’ve had pecan tart. I’ll be sure to rectify that.

    Imma stand here and be smug, you found something to enjoy on twitter.

  6. I love pecan pie. Edgy, urban werecorgis looking for love in the all the wrong places? I’d read it.

  7. I think some of my virgin, World Cup cocktail just flew out of my nose!
    I must now add to my twitter feed. Thanks. The were-corgis are awesome, but I am still quite partial to were-bunnies. 😀

  8. Were-Corgis, as opposed to Vampire dogs in Blade Trinity. .Her Majesty also owns Dorgies, a Corge-Dachshund mix

  9. Were-Corgis, keep picturing the Vampire dogs in Blade Trinity. .Her Majesty also owns Dorgies, a Corgi-Dachshund mix

  10. I have a corgi. I have to say, edgy and urban don’t belong in the same sentence as corgi. Goofy, silly, hyper – yes. Not edgy. But I love the idea of were-corgis. 🙂

  11. Were-corgis (-:. We’re just opening the door to were-chihuahuas, were-pomeranians, and the mysterious, oriental were-shih-tzus. The mop that sucks blood and pees on the floor . . . .

    Do I need to add that I LOVE it? Esp. love the were-corgis and the connection to the Royal Family.

    1. I’d definitely get onboard with vampi-shih-tzusures, Micki. They could be the startling romantic foils to the werecorgis. Their love is nonsensical to them, but they cannot deny their attractions to each other.

      Plus the vampi-shih-tzusures ability to clean up after themselves by rolling about the floor must be terribly seductive… if a bit unsanitary.

  12. Were-weenies. Because the were-corgis need minions. Or overlords, depending on your feelings about dachshunds.

    My sister has a dachshund-chihuahua mix, and her girls thought “chiweenie” sounded demeaning to a dog with as much personality as Luna has. So she is a “dachshuahua”, which I thought was brilliant. Luna would have to be an evil overlord.

  13. I like:
    Kill your darlings, then immediately bring them back as vampire sex ghosts.
    July 14

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