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Yes, I know that’s catnip to you all, but I just need a place to put an image for an experiment. Then I’ll probably delete it. Or maybe not. Anyway, nothing to see here, move it along.


Steampunk Debutante

20 thoughts on “Ignore This Post

  1. You know us too well — of course we’re going to peek. That’s fabulous! Especially the clockwork lady (the one with a key in her back is the one I’m talking about, but they are both excellent in the food for thought department). Who did it?

    And extremely tangential, but there was a charming children’s anime called “The Clockwork Samurai” (my translation). Zenmai Zamurai. The story is charming; the illustrations are just OK. From Wikipedia: 200 years ago, Zenmai Zamurai (Zennosuke at that time) was a thief by profession (albeit not a very skilled one). While stealing from a house one night, he fell down a well and died. He was then resurrected by Daifukunokami (The god of Bounty:大福の神) and a wind-up key (zenmai:ぜんまい) was placed on his head. If the key winds down, Zennosuke dies. The only way the key can be wound is by Zennosuke doing good deeds and if he does enough of them, he will be released from his servitude to the god. In order to achieve this end, he is given the Dango-ken, which is a sword with Japanese Dumplings skewered onto it. Whenever Zenmai Zamurai sees people doing injustice or generally being out of control, he uses his sword to shoot the dumplings into their mouths. When people eat the dumplings, they suddenly become happy and realize the error of their ways. He helps out the people of his village in many ways, big and small. Whenever he does well, a rainbow comes out of the sky to wind his key. His name and the theme of the show is based on a short Japanese proverb, “Ichinichi Ichizen” (一日一膳), which means “Do a good deed daily”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zenmai_Zamurai

    That’d be like having a shotgun that shoots happy donut holes . . . .


    1. They’re papers from Graphic 45, a company that does beautiful scrapbooking stuff with a vintage feel.

      Also, love the story, but then I’m mad about potstickers, so . . .


    2. This is one of the best stories I have heard in a long time. It seems like the perfect way to solve life. Someone’s being a jerk? MAGIC DUMPLING TIME! And then rainbows. The best.


    1. I know. Vera Wang designed it. It wasn’t that ugly, it just looked dumb if there was a lot of boob distorting it.
      I do my research, you know.
      It’s the first one in the third set of pictures on this kind of weird website, the purple with the flowers climbing up the bust. Liz said Molly looked like a Rose Bowl float.

      That one’s nice, too, though (g).


  2. You expect the same people who would post 100 comments on non-posts from you and Bob NOT to look and comment?

    And how did you comment at 1:10 when I am only 12:44 EST? I admire your ability to time travel, though BACK might be more useful……..


  3. I love the pictures but seriously? Ignore this post? That’s like putting a huge empty box in front of a cat!


  4. I had to look, but I assuaged my guilt at letting myself be manipulated by noting I wasn’t the only one commenting. Reverse psychology – I’ll have to remember this for future reference.

    Whatever these images are for, they’re both beautiful. I love the Gibson-girl-type image in the lower one, and the Welsh dresser (or something like a Welsh dresser) in the other one. Not that I’m any arbiter of style but *cough* I do know what I like.


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