We'll Be Right Back . . . And Now We're Back

Argh was hacked, thanks to Roben for noticing, and we’re going to have to take down the blog and the website for a complete fix. No idea when we’ll be back, but we’ll be back.

Mollie & Co. fixed this amazingly fast. Thank you all very much.

10 thoughts on “We'll Be Right Back . . . And Now We're Back

  1. This has got me worried, selfishly (apart from being sorry for you, obviously). I’m about to create a new website, and was planning to use WordPress. Once this is sorted, I don’t suppose you could pass on what you learned from it, could you? In other words, is there a safer way to create/run a website or blog?

    1. Hey there – For safely and ease of use, I highly recommend going with something hosted and maintained for a small monthly fee: Squarespace.com and Virb.com both offer modern templates with customer support (!) and easy building tools – sites are also mobile friendly out of the box. Pricing is reasonable considering all that comes with it – maybe $10-20/mo. Weebly.com is a decent alternative too, but the others are more visually attractive.

      A hosted alternative allow you to focus on content, not all the other crap that comes with owning a website (hacking/security issues, software/plugin updates etc). Hope that helps some 🙂

      1. Thanks a lot, Mollie. I’ll need to look into UK alternatives, I think. But this news is definitely causing me to think twice about going it alone. I definitely don’t want to have to master anything more about technology, especially as it changes so fast.

        1. I’ve used blogspot and wordpress…..I purchase a url of choice and set up a “go to” at go daddy….Mollie is clearly far more web savvy than I, though, but my experiences have been good. My sites don’t see lots of traffic, but I’m glad they’re out there in cyberspace, which feels more and more like the “real world” ( cringe). I also use iWeb and Go Daddy site hosting and have been okay…..AriaofSylvania.com, http://www.ChristineGriffin.info, http://crashingintotess.blogspot.com/

  2. I am a web designer and I totally recommend self-hosted WordPress. EBay, Yahoo, Sony, CNN and Samsung… just to name a few use WordPress. There are things you can do and tools you can implement to safeguard against hackers. There is no 100% guarantee against hackers – Twitter and LinkedIn have been hacked in the last 12 months.

  3. The option I wanted to select in the poll, $4.00 to $6.98, isn’t there!

    Glad the hack problems are solved.

  4. That was incredibly fast! I’m glad (-:.

    Hacking during Easter week — I hope the hackers find something very nasty in their Easter eggs . . . .

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