31 thoughts on “Day Five: Norovirus

    1. It’s the third day after for me, and I’m finally moving. Figure on at least two days recovery after you stop tossing cookies. It’s that brutal.

      1. UGH! I’m not tossing today, but I haven’t had anything but cola either. I’m afraid to eat. And I can’t stay on my feet more than 15 minutes and I’m ready to keel over.

  1. A few years ago NJ paid a consulting firm $250k to come up with a new slogan. The proposal was scrapped- “New Jersey: We’ll Win You Over”. (Yes, they are that dumb.) Urban Outfitters put a far better slogan on tshirts a few years earlier- “New Jersey: Only the strong survive.”

    1. The good news is, I’ve lost four pounds. I get this five more times, I’m at my ideal weight. And dead, of course, but still . . .

        1. Reminded me of the part in Bridget Jones Diary where she suddenly starts losing weight. A friend says, “Maybe you have a tapeworm, you should go to the doctor.” She replies, “No, I love my tapeworm!”

  2. All my sympathies on the BLEARG!

    And congratulations on the new house, an all my sympathies on the move! I bought my first-ever house a few months ago, and although all’s well that ends well, lots went wrong at the time and it was This Whole Big Thing. I wound up with no place to live for 5-6 weeks (so I put all my stuff in storage and couch-surfed for weeks), and after I moved in, there was immediately a Great Sewer Gas Leak that made the house almost uninhabitable, and more recently there’s been a roof leak (exterior fixed; interior getting fixed soon) followed by discovering I’ve been incorrectly billed for 4 months and can expect a WHOPPING correction/addition to my utilities bill next month.

    So, the usual for a move, I guess. There’s still lots to do to the house, but it’s comfortable and pleasant now, and the rest can be done over time.

    Anyhow, I’m coming out of the other end of the chaos and exhaustion that you’re in the middle of right now, and I am here to tell you–there is light and dry land ahead! Keep going! It’s THERE! (But you do have to wade through a lot of stuff to get to it.) Good luck!

  3. Oh, P.S. a cheap resouce I’ve found when shopping for this house: The “As Is” section at Ikea. It’s floor models, slightly damaged goods, spare parts, and returns, all marked way down. It’s hit or miss, but you can get great stuff there at a very good price if you live close enough to an Ikea to visit once or twice a month.

    Ex. I’ve got a dozen very tall windows in this house (6’5″ to 8’5″), and I’ve put attractive curtains on all of them for $4-$10 apiece from the linens bins in “As Is” at Ikea. I also got some sizeable “As Is” bookcases for my storage closet that were about $10 apiece, a cute $8 end table for my reading chair, some lovely enameled cast-iron cooking pots/casseroles marked down to about 20% of their original price, a couple of nice office lamps marked down to 30% of their original price, etc.

  4. So sorry to hear you’re both sick. Stay warm and safe in this storm headed our way. I hope you are stocked up on emergency supplies…like water, tissues, and OJ! And soup too.

  5. “It’s just one thing after another.”

    My yoga instructor always says, “that’s how you know you’re alive.” I hate it when she says stuff like that.

    Feel better soon, both of you!

  6. Sending hugs and healing vibes to both of you. Rest up until your energy returns & make sure you both stay hydrated. Gatorade is a good one to drink,even the G2 lite series.

  7. The norovirus is evil. I’ve had it twice in ten years, and both times, I remember lying on the bathroom floor, thinking how I could really use a good coma.

    Feel better, and remember to hose down the house as soon as you can. You only build a limited immunity to the virus and can catch it again and again.

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