Zoe’s Back and Toni’s a Goddess

Four months ago, one of Lani’s cats disappeared. Zoe had always been independent, taking her time about coming home, but when she’d been gone a week and we knew there was a coyote in the woods, we mourned her loss. A good cat, but not faster than a coyote. Tonight, Lani e-mailed me and said, “Zoe’s back!” No idea where she’s been or why she stayed away so long, but she was starving and it’s getting colder, so maybe she decided putting up with four dogs and another cat was worth food and warmth. Big sighs all around and a thank you to the god of cats.

Cheered by this, I went back to work trying to revive You Again and found the perfect placeholder for the house, lots of photos. I checked to see if I’d already started a file in Voodoo and saw the ghosts of all my old files there, taunting me, because I knew they wouldn’t open if I clicked on them since I’d tried that before and gotten a big “not a chance” message from my hard drive. Except they didn’t look like ghost files, the titles were black. So I clicked on the main one and it opened and there everything was; just like Zoe, what was lost is found. The only thing I can think of is that I did that thing that Toni told me to do and nothing happened, so I kept my mouth shut because saying “I did that thing you told me to and nothing happened” would have been rude. Except I think something happened. (Hi, I’m Jenny, and I have no idea how my computer works.) Which means Toni is a goddess and I owe her big. I LOVE YOU, TONI.

So here’s three cheers for Zoe and Toni and the third shoe that is, with any luck, not going to drop, or if it does, it will be the return of something lost and mourned. I’d write more but I have to go gaze lovingly at the over-one-thousand-bits of information that I did not lose after all.

God bless us every one. But especially Zoe and Toni.

43 thoughts on “Zoe’s Back and Toni’s a Goddess

  1. How totally wonderful! A returned cat, after being long-mourned, and files returned to life while still being mourned! And on the same night! WooOOOooo! Yay for Zoe and Toni! (Hmm, a little heavy on the exclamation points, but both things are worth enthusing about.)

  2. Maybe you’ve moved into a parallel universe. I’m kinda fuzzy about how string theory works, or the possible number of dimensions that physicists have postulated (I think it’s up to eleven now), but maybe in this universe the shoe dropping idea is about GOOD things. I think the white boots from Marshall’s could in fact BE the dropped shoes.

    So glad to hear about the lost being found for you and everyone at Squalor on the River.

  3. Yay for lost cats and lost files!!! I’m so happy that Lani got her cat back and Toni helped you to restore those lost files. The universe does work in the most mysterious of ways.

  4. WAAAHOOOO! Glad to hear both! Here’s to making the best of things even at the worst of times! You make my life better, Jenny Crusie!

  5. It’s lovely to end the day on some good news. Yay for returned cats (I had one who showed up after 6 months–it’s a fricking miracle) and returned files. Maybe that third thing will be some returned sight. I vote for that.

  6. No mystery. Both Zoe and the files – latter informed by Toni – heard Mercury is out of retrograde. Safe to return to life and make an appearance. Yay all around!

    1. Oh, wrong blog. Post-concert weekend Monday morning fog is to blame.
      Yay for cats coming home, and files returning from the far side.

  7. All’s well that ends well! Cute story. I accidentally deleted my manuscript one day and nearly fell off my chair in a dead faint. Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to check in the Recylce Bin and there it was. I also use Dropbox as a backup.

    1. I compulsively back up the writing (just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean the universe isn’t out to get you). I work on my laptop, and save to a thumbdrive, my main computer, dropbox and have an auto-backup of the entire desktop that happens daily. And periodically I send the ms to CPs and also take it to work and put it on the computer there πŸ™‚

  8. So glad to hear about both. But now I’ll have “The Cat Came Back” song in my head all day πŸ˜‰

    Think it was on my son’s Raffi CD. Kid’s songs are always so catchy but also catching. And apparently for the rest of our lives. I still find myself singing “Rubber Ducky” by Ernie on Sesame Street and all the “Free to Be” songs–which I actually still adore as an adult but then that whole Free to Be project by Marlo Thomas was groundbreaking, too. Loved her Free to be a Family as well. Great lady.

  9. Since no one else mentioned this…I will…having once saving a Pomeranian from a vicious and starving Coyote, please keep the cat indoors. It’s extremely scarey for the pet AND the saver. πŸ™‚ Having said that, I’m happy all is well with the files and Zoe.

    1. The good news is, there don’t appear to be any coyotes in this neck of NJ. Bad news: there are bears. But even my dumbass dogs would probably have the sense to run away from a bear. I think.

      1. My cat Magic would probably try to stare down a bear. She’s not dumb–just has an exaggerated view of her own importance in the universe. Of course, maybe it isn’t exaggerated, and she really IS that important. Just one of the many reasons my cats don’t go outside.

  10. Ah, there is rejoicing across the land, for cat lovers and writers and readers. (and of course, they often are the same people).

    And as for Toni, clearly she’s a human incarnation of St. Anthony, patron saint of lost stuff.

  11. It is a day for miracles–I finally found my cat (Harry Dresden) after more than a week missing, which for an indoor cat is a long time. Unfortunately his house mate (Karin Murphy) is NOT pleased. I think she wants to be an only child. The Goddess of Cats is working overtime. I don’t have any files, so I don’t know about that. Nothing but good times ahead.

    1. Well, every now and then Karin just has beat up Harry, then they area friends again, so I hope that’s how it works for your happily returned wizard boy.

  12. It’s a Bibiana Day Miracle! So glad to hear that which was lost has now been found.

    (Computers are so weird. Cats are just completely mysterious.)

  13. If there’s one thing almost as good as waking up happy, it’s going to bed all cheered up by hearing about good events. Hooray for everything!

  14. Did you ever see the video of a cat chasing off a bear? I think they play it frequently on America’s Funniest. This bear comes bubbling along and a cat (normal house cat) springs out of a bush with a yowl and a swipe of the paw. Bear is so startled it runs off. Hurrah for the all powerful Cat With Attitude! Maybe watching this will make you feel better about your cat in the wilds of NJ.

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