18 thoughts on “FREE BOOK: Lani Diane Rich’s Ex and the Single Girl on Kindle

  1. :( Have a Nook..And Do Like Her Writing ..So I pinned it..Under my Name on Pinterest..My Board “Books Worth Looking Into” Loved “A Little Night Magic”

      1. I use the address of a place just south of the US/Canada border which does a HUGE business in receiveng parcels for Canadians who order stuff from online companies who won’t ship to Canada. For free books, it’s easy-breezy — just input it as my billing address…
        Actually, though, I didn’t check Amazon.ca. They may have had it, too, with no manipulation neccessary.

  2. Jenny. Have you had any problems with someone hacking into your site? And has Krissie had any problems? This morning my bookmark for your site had disappeared from my toolbar. I rebookmarked it and it has been just fine – although previously it was slow to download. And the bookmark for Reinventing Fabulous won’t open at all. And I tried opening if from Google and it is the same – it won’t open. I have a 6 week old MacBook Air and have had no problems with it at all. And I have not transferred anything from my old iBook G4 onto it. It could be just weird behavior from power surges from all the rain storms we have had (over 2 inches of rain on monday, .6 inch yesterday and at least one wind gust to 100 mph). But I thought it might be something someone did to Krissie’s site or attempted to do to yours.

    1. If you do a Google search for Anne Stuart, they have her website tagged as possibly compromised. Don’t know if that has anything to do with your situation though.

        1. You’re welcome. ReFab has been slow to open for me for a while now. I got a brand new laptop last week, and it’s slow on it too. So not sure what’s up with that.

        2. Do you use AdBlock? Yesterday some sites kept freezing up and I found that the list hadn’t downloaded properly. I had it do another download, and now sites are loading better.

          I did ctrl+/ to have it come up. Clicked on the logo to bring up the menu. Clicked on Control Preferences … or just click ctrl+shift+f … On the filter subscriptions is a Fanboy’s Adblock List. It will say whether or not the download was successful or if there was a problem. Then let you fix it.

          Hope this helps your situation.

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