17 thoughts on “The Wind Map

  1. I just keep thinking that y’all are moving soon. and hoping all the water is either outside the house or properly contained in pipes and there’s power when you get there.

  2. Coolest map I’ve looked at yet today. A bit rainy but nothing special yet hitting NE NJ. Hatches battened, fingers crossed. The only thing left to do is drink tea and read 😉

  3. I need some Zen or Xanax. I’m experiencing incredible storm anxiety watching Hurricane Sandy flood my home area (South Jersey Shore), my adopted area (Asbury Park-Central Jersey Shore), and various places up and down the Eastern Seaboard where family and friends live. I don’t get this wacked out when I’m the one in the cone of doom. That said, for the 11 years I’ve lived in the Florida Keys, we haven’t been hit by anything close to this. I think we’d be wiped out. Stay safe everyone!

  4. Hmm. I like that but it doesn’t look right to me. Where I live gets 30-50 mph wind gusts all the time.
    I’m in SoCal, North L.A. County.

    1. I know what you mean about the winds in N. LA County. I used to live on top of a hill in Granada Hills and we would regularly get winds so strong our house (on bedrock) would shake.

  5. This is so cool . . . I mean, in an abstract way. I know what’s going on on the East Coast, but the cool little rivelets of wind in the west . . . what causes those? The Gulf Stream is going right up to Canada, for example.

    I’m not going to think about the East Coast one too much. It’s just too scary to start imagining things. I know all of you over there will be very smart, head for high ground if you need to, and weather this thing out as best you can. And I know all the Arghers can weather this with style and grace and wit.

    This seems like a good time for “keep calm and carry on.” The storm will pass. We’ll be waiting to hear from you . . . .

  6. I’m late announcing this but – Sarah Wynde’s books – A Gift of Ghosts and A Gift of Time are free on amazon on 10/31 until midnight pacific time.
    If you haven’t read them – I loved them.

  7. I have been worrying about your new home in NJ. I am not sure how close to the coast it is, but I hope it has survived the storm and you will still be able to move. Hugs to all affected by the storm and it’s aftermath.

  8. Really Really off topic, but I’ve heard that you can purchase A New Leaf with Elaine May and Walter Matthau on Blu-ray. Now I can see why it’s on the rom-com list.

  9. For everybody who is not busy moving or cleaning up but would like another time sink for the weekend: search for Paul Dickson’s “Family Words: The Dictionary for People Who Don’t Know A Frone From A Brinkle” in Google Books. It’s hilarious. And it even includes the McGuffin. My personal favorite so far is the entry on carologic. Look it up.

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