50 thoughts on “Joss Whedon Endorses Mitt Romney

  1. oh my God, you totally got me for a second. I was about to scream I AM NEVER WATCHING ANOTHER AVENGERS MOVIE/BUFFY RERUN EVER AGAIN.

    But he’s so right. The Zombie Apocalypse is something we all have to work for!

    1. For a second? I was sitting in a meeting and couldn’t open the link for 30 minutes. All I could see was the title, and all I could think about was how betrayed I felt.
      Touché Joss, touché. I will never doubt you again. And you’ve taught me more about Romney’s platform than the entire RNC did. (Do I owe a touché to Clint Eastwood now too?)

      1. I think my ignorance is getting in the way of a great joke. I can tell that the spam line is supposed to be significant, but why? Movie reference? Book quote? Because it doesn’t require electricity? Because keys can be used as weapons against zombies?

        Watching the U.S. election from a distance, it seems to be the most polarizing election I’ve ever seen. I have American friends on both sides, all reasonably intelligent, thinking people, and none of them seem to be able to see that it’s possible that the other side could possibly win without bringing about the end of Western Civilization As We Know It… I don’t get it, but I’m beginning to wish Canada was a bit farther away from the action.

        1. Don’t worry, Barbara. I sent the link to my (German) husband, thinking he would find it hilarious and he just totally missed the point. I laughed my patootie off and he thought it was a serious endorsement (of course, knowing him, he listened to, oh, maybe the first 20 seconds before stopping). There are probably too many things that are just too American to be funny for anyone else.

          The spam joke is this: SPAM is the trade mark of canned meat — or “fake” meat. It comes in a rectangular tin (and has for, oh, forever — probably WWI or so) and on the bottom there is a little key which allows you to peel back a strip of the casing and open the can (without another can opener). The joke here is that the guy just discovers there is a key. Which is stupid because spam has ALWAYS had a key on the can.

          Most of us do have a sense of humor. It’s not always easy to understand. Of course, I love Monty Python and a lot of folks don’t get that either. Particularly my husband!

    1. OK, not so much late to the party as just trying to decide if I could live with a post like this somewhere I enjoy frequenting. The answer, it seems, is no. Despite your personal feelings about the Tea Party to compare them to a group of people who murder anyone who disagrees with them (or happens to have been born without a penis) is just wrong. Disagree with them, agree with them, point and laugh at them, whatever floats your boat works for me! But, last I checked, they hadn’t shot any school girls for daring to say girlchil’ren should be allowed to learn to read. 🙂 I’m going to back to lurking again.

  2. I think it’s aimed at all the liberals who were super-enthusiastic four years ago and are grouchy this year. It’s the fourth time I’ve seen it, but I’m really glad it’s getting lots of play. The kitchen setting and the dirty frying pan were such great touches. I’m working on a presentation and I was thinking this morning about the difference between description and detail — the dirty frying pan is exactly the kind of detail that really places a story without lots of boring adjectives.

    1. PLUS!! The dirty pan (which he “intentionally” shows us is dirty) is probably a swipe at someone (who shall remain unnamed) washing up clean dishes as a PR stunt.

      The eye for detail is, as you say, just impeccable!

  3. I literally just came to this page after following the link on Facebook. I love Joss Whedon so much. Especially like “Paid for by the committee to learn Parkour like really soon like maybe take a class or something.”

    1. It’s my website. We tried to define it once as a group and establish some guidelines and decided it was just going to have to be a goulash.

  4. Only yesterday I wondered with a friend what makes a man attractive… we come up with wit and intelligence and humour (even black humour) a mile above sexiness or beauty. Joss Whedon just proved us right 🙂

  5. You truly are my favorite author now. Thanks, this was great…need to find a way to get my “R” friend to watch it…and my Ex…oh that would be fun!

  6. Posts like this one make your website truly great. It sets it apart from the rest. You show bits and pieces of yourself. So, thank you for sharing, and for not having a generic site.

    And, oh yeah, I love the video too. 🙂

  7. i can’t agree or disagree with the doomsday scenario, but i figure if this country can survive a president like, say NIXON, we can survive anything. I just wish it was a more upbeat and happy time in this wonderful country of ours. Thank goodness we have romantic fiction is all I can say!

  8. You won’t say anything negative about other writers, but you’ll belittle the views of a large segment of your fans. Well, you’ve got one less fan.

    1. Honestly, a lot of the authors I like are a lot more liberal than I am. For some reason, conservatism and snark don’t go together often. I tend to ignore most of the political stuff for that reason. I will note that Romney and Obama aren’t that far apart in ideology historically. I suspect that Romney’s going to track center once the election’s over. However, I do think Romney will have a better chance at getting Congress to work together than Barack Obama has so far. Whether you think that’s a good thing or not is up for debate (the economy does best with little interference from Congress. There are too many things like the “Unintended Consequences of DOT regulation” fee that show up when Congress meddles). That’s a real fee in the airline ticket I bought last week. It’s sad and funny at the same time.

    2. I find this comment sad. There are plenty of celebrities/entertainers whose political and social views are wildly and appallingly counter to my own and I don’t let that get in the way of my appreciation for their work. I say bring on the political cartoons and lampoons and satire – let no political party reamin unscathed; this country is in sore need of the endorphins released by laughter, if only for a momentary reprieve from the pressure.

      1. Politicians take themselves seriously enough, they don’t need our help. And I’ve seen plenty of lampoons on Obama. In fact, he was zombidized a long while back, and without half the wit and style Whedon employed.

        That said, there are a few favorite authors of mine that I was dismayed to discover are rabidly counter to my own political beliefs (which are pretty moderate) in real life. So I don’t go to their websites; but it doesn’t stop me buying their books. They wouldn’t notice, and I’d be denied the pleasure of their writing. What would be the point?

        Anyway, there’s too little humor in life as it is.

    3. A lot of authors put up posts that express their political beliefs. Because, you know, they’re people. I happen to like some authors who are very liberal, and some who are very conservative. I laugh at anything funny, including a good ridicule of my own beliefs if it’s done well. Funny is funny. Agreeing with me on every particular is not a requirement for me of my friends, my family, or even the authors I respect and enjoy.

    4. I agree that this is a sad comment. I watch Jon Stewart with great glee — and he is completely even-handed with his slams. If someone, regards of political orientation, does something doofus, he’ll get them. He even spoofed Obama to his face recently (and Obama laughed). SNL also pokes fun at both sides.

      If we can’t laugh at ourselves, we are a sad, sad race. Let’s lighten up!!

    5. I’m still a fan of Clint Eastwood’s work (especially “Gran Torino”) despite the bizarre act he put on at the RNC that certainly belittled my views and disrespected a president for whom I voted. So long as the values in the art are ones I like (e.g. the importance of family; taking on a chosen family if your biological one disappoints you), who cares what politics the artist espouses in real life?
      (However, I refuse to see anything by Roman Polanski and try to avoid the work of the people who defend him. That’s the difference between boycotting someone for her politics-that-are-in-the-realm-of-reasonable-debate, and boycotting people who do or defend the indefensible.)

      1. Exactly. I remember someone tried to talk me out of my love of Jimmy Stewart because of his conservative political views off screen and I was like, really? you only like artists who share your politics? That seems so limiting (well, to be honest, iirc, I thought of that afterwards – during the conversation I just stood there with my mouth open, certain that there was nothing wrong with a liberal girl admiring a movie star who happened to be conservative but not sure how to say it). And some 20 years later, I still think that.

        1. I do have to confess that I refuse to watch anything with Charleton Heston ever since I found out that he was a big NRA guy. I can live with conservative attitudes and I can respectfully disagree with you. But I cannot support the proliferation of guns which KILL PEOPLE. Period. That’s my line in the sand.

  9. Joss Whedon is my master now.* And yes, the Spam key is the line that made me spit coffee all over my screen. LOLOL

    (*Of course, he’s been my master since he sicced a pack ravenous students on Principal Flutie, but it bears occasional reaffirmation. ;p)

  10. I’m not involved, but we do get news every day about the US election. We’ve watched both candidates speak and have seen snippets juicy of the debates.
    Great video, so clever. Maybe Joss Whedon should run for vice president. 🙂

  11. Ooooh, this made my day. I will take a good laugh wherever I can get it these days. Don’t think my husband would be as amused since we are on opposing sides on this election, but he needs more Zombie awareness so I’ll show him. Thanks for posting it Jenny.

  12. I was so worried when I saw this headline! Joss Whedon is as good in front of the camera as he is behind it.

  13. I was so worried when I saw this headline! Joss Whedon is as good in front of the camera as he is behind it.

  14. Loved this — thank you! I sent the link on to my husband, who, although not American, is following the election closely.

  15. Mmmm, the great American goulash! Lovin’ it!

    BTW, I clicked on Mitt Romney Style while I was at YouTube (YouTube downloads faster for me), and it was hilarious. I don’t know why I love the original (Gangnam Style) so much, but I do. So glad to see clever parodies of it, too.

    (-: I already voted, so there is NOTHING more I can do to prevent the zombie apocalypse today. And my can opener is manual, so I guess I’m set, no matter what happens.

  16. The fact that there was no rant beside the link was a dead (hah!) giveaway. Thanks for the laugh. Also, I had never seen video of Whedon before. Great voice!

  17. Love this! And since it was an interview you did with Jane Espenson that had me watch Buffy the first time, I think it’s fitting that I saw this through your site.

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