15 thoughts on “Free Books!

  1. Thanks very much for this, Jenny. I’m always about three weeks behind on the StoryWonk podcasts, so I miss out on the freebies. I’m saving them up until I just have to find the money for a Kindle (it’s not relaxed reading ebooks on my iMac).

    Lani’s book was free on Amazon UK as well, which is great. But neither Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk had a Kindle version of ‘Moonrise’. Some glitch? Maybe it’s a different title that’s on offer? Or maybe it’s tomorrow?

      1. I got it with no problem. I didn’t go to Amazon and search for it; I just clicked on your link and it came right up, showing a price of $0.00 (my favorite price!). So if there was a glitch, maybe it has been fixed. Thanks to Lani and Anne for the books and Jenny for the freebie notice.

      2. When I follow your link to Amazon in the US, it says ‘Moonrise’ is not currently available. This may be because they don’t recognize me as a customer. When I search for it on Amazon UK, it says ‘not currently available for Kindle’. Never mind.

        When, eventually, I actually buy an ebook reader, I’ll have to have a bonanza. (Which is why I’m putting it off: can’t afford a bonanza at the moment.)

  2. Huh… Seems like those free book offers are always for ebooks I already own… Although, actually, I only have The Fortune Quilt on my Kobo, which I’m phasing out since I got a Nook, because Kobo STILL DOESN’T HAVE Crazy People! Wouldn’t hurt to have TFQ on my Kindle desktop app, too.
    Thanks, Jenny.

    1. OOH. Too bad. I have just reread Crazy People for about the 5th time and this despite the fact that I have reread Crazy for you innumerable times.

  3. I clicked on the link over on ReFab and it went straight through. I got my treat! : ) I hope they both get a ton of hits. And having just received the coverart for my first romantic suspense, I have to say the cover on Anne’s book is wonderful. Intriguing.

  4. I couldn’t get Anne’s book, Amazon said it was unavailable. This has happened to me before with free books and I assumed it was because I was in Australia (the world of publishing has a ‘special’ treaty for us). But that doesn’t make sense because I got Lani’s okay. Thank you. Now I have it digitally and in print. 🙂

  5. Just got both books dowloaded into my PC. A day late and the deal still stands. Thanks for the good news. Love Anne’s cover and her author’s portrait. No wonder you lover her!

  6. Thank you! And please thank Lani for me. I’m absolutely LOVING her book!

    (I’ve not started the other one yet, so there’s no critique there, just a delighted thankfulness!)

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