The Argh Interview: Kristina Douglas

Welcome to the Kristina Douglas interview.

JENNIFER: Welcome. I’m Jennifer Crusie and I’m delighted to be talking to . . . who are you again?

KRISTINA: Oh my god, it’s Jennifer Crusie! I’m so honored! I’m Kristina Douglas, demure debut authoress extraordinaire!

JENNIFER: Of course. Welcome, Kristina. So you have this fabulous new series about angels. I love angels. Those fluffy wings. The shiny halos. They sound very sweet and inspirational.

KRISTINA: Not mine. They’ve fallen. In fact, they’re called The Fallen. They are sleek and dark and just a little bit nasty. In bed.

JENNIFER: In bed? There’s SEX in these novels? Oh. Not quite what I was thinking. So, dark angels having sex. Reminds me of Anne Stuart. But enough about legendary authors, tell us about your first book, The Fallen: Raziel. What’s that about?

KRISTINA: Well, God sent these hot angels down to earth to teach mankind about all sorts of things like warfare and cosmetics. And they lusted after females and decided earth was better. So they fell, God got pissed and made them vampires. They live in a mystical place and ferry dead people to heaven and hell, and they have human wives who die and leave them broken. The hero from the first book, Raziel, is one of them.

JENNIFER: He falls in love with a human woman?

KRISTINA: Yes. He picks up a mouthy young woman named Allie who’s been hit by a bus, and just when he’s supposed to toss her into hell, he pulls her back.

JENNIFER: Hit by a bus. I’ve had days like that, so already I like her. Is Raziel the leader of the Fallen? Is she going to be Queen of the Damned or something?

KRISTINA: Nope, Azazel is their leader. He’s gorgeous and looks thirty-something and has raging, fabulous sex with his hot, sixty-something, gray-haired wife. We won’t explore where that fantasy came from.

JENNIFER: Sounds good to me. But back to Raziel. He’s supposed to take Allie to hell but decides to save her. I’m thinking he gets in trouble for that.

KRISTINA: Yes. Raziel falls for Allie, against his better judgment, while the evil Nephilim, who are kinda like the Reivers in Firefly, try to kill and eat them and destroy Sheol. And someone on the inside is a traitor.

JENNIFER: I see. So it’s not a LITTLE story. We’re talking epic here. Like it could be a series.

KRISTINA: Very epic. And it is a series, Azazel’s story comes next.

JENNIFER: So the second book is called The Fallen: Azazel?

KRISTINA: Nope. Second one is The Fallen: Demon, since Azazel falls in love with Lilith, who some old dead guys think is a demon but we know is a feminist heroine.

JENNIFER: Angels, demons, death and hot sex. Do you know what this reminds me of? The books Anne Stuart writes. Not that I’m accusing you of trying to be like Anne Stuart. But maybe you were copying her a little? Maybe you think you’re the next Anne Stuart?

KRISTINA: Okay, okay, you’ve guessed it. Here’s a secret: I am Anne Stuart.

JENNIFER: No, honey, you’re not. I understand how you could feel that way, some days I think I’m Georgette Heyer, but then the feeling passes. There’s only one Anne Stuart.

KRISTINA: Yes, and that’s me.

JENNIFER: No, you’re Kristina Douglas. It’s okay, we can’t all be Anne Stuart. Although I have to say, she could write the hell out of this story. Let’s talk about your process. Tell me how you arrive at your stories.

KRISTINA: Fantasies. Sex fantasies, death fantasies . . .

JENNIFER: Sex fantasies?

KRISTINA: . . . sex, sex, sex.

JENNIFER: Oh. I collage. I may be doing this wrong. So are there more Fallen books in the series?

KRISTINA: Yes, there’s the archangel Michael. Wiry, tattooed, only interested in war. I may give him a nun.


KRISTINA: And we’ve got Metatron (once played by Alan Rickman). He’s gonna fall. His heroine is gonna say he sounds like a transformer.

JENNIFER: Does Metatron get a nun?

KRISTINA: Someone gets the nun. Not sure who. The other gets a warrior.

JENNIFER: It’s like a secret Santa swap. “Who got the nun?” Do you ever worry about somebody burning a cross on your lawn?

KRISTINA: Oh, hell no. I used to be a deacon in my church. I taught Sunday School. I sing in the choir.

JENNIFER: Still maybe we should do some Standard Author Questions before somebody gets offended. Where do you get your ideas?

KRISTINA: Amazon. They’ve got everything there. Except sex.

JENNIFER: Who do you want to be when you grow up?

KRISTINA: I want to be a cross between Mary Stewart and Georgette Heyer. With sex.

JENNIFER: What book do you wish you’d written?

KRISTINA: I wouldn’t have minded writing Outlander, which I finally finished. Great sex. Hmmm, I’m picking up a theme here.

JENNIFER: In the event of an apocalypse caused by fallen angels, what’s your weapon of choice?

KRISTINA: Baseball bat. I don’t like blood. The crunch of bone might be a bit jarring, and I suppose guns are good but they’re too distant. I think I’d want to be in there swinging.

JENNIFER: Mine would be a cast-iron frying pan. Because then later I could make Chicken Marsala. For the After-Apocalypse Party.

KRISTINA: I can just see us at the barricades, babe.

JENNIFER: Us? I just met you.

KRISTINA: We met fifteen years ago.

JENNIFER: No, that was Anne Stuart. Sum up The Fallen: Raziel in ninety-two words or less.

KRISTINA: Allie Watson steps in front of a bus and gets scooped up by a gorgeous creature who informs her she’s dead. He’s about to deposit her in the flames of hell when he thinks twice about it and pulls her back, almost dying in the process. He carts her off to Sheol, the land where the Fallen live, and while there they battle Nephilim, traitors, and each other, until tragedy forces her into a role she never wanted. Lots of sex, violence and happy endings – what more could a girl ask?

JENNIFER: It’s everything a reader could want! You know, Anne Stuart is going to love this book. You should get a quote from her.

KRISTINA: Like “This is an amazing story, the story I would have written if I’d changed my name to Kristina Douglas”?

JENNIFER: No, something better than that.

Thank you very much for giving us this interview, Kristina. Now, listen up, people, The Fallen: Raziel by brand new author Kristina Douglas is in bookstores January 25, 2011. Go buy it.

It has sex in it.

78 thoughts on “The Argh Interview: Kristina Douglas

  1. I laughed so hard throughout all of this that I choked on my breakfast– three times. And now I feel I must go buy this book. Because it has sex, and is written by the second coming of Anne Stuart. But mostly for the sex.

  2. what a fabulous interview! thanks for the laughs, girls! can’t wait to pick this book up! thanks to all you writers for the joy your works brings to the masses. i know how hard you work, but it must be good to know how happy you make your readers! t

  3. Book Does Sound Very Good .Need to ask Jennifer a ? I read “Maybe This Time””5 Stars My First Book of Yours Then Read”Welcome To Temptation” Another winner IMO Now I need to read Another one BY You Any SuggestionS. Love Your Style Best. Susan

    1. Hmmm. Faking It has Davy Dempsey in it. Since you’ve read WTT, maybe that next? Anybody here want to help her out? I’m clueless when it comes to my own books.
      And thank you for the kind words, Susan!

      1. EVERY BOOK! I bought them all and devoured each one multiple times! They’re all amazing in their own way and the variety with demons witches hitmen keeps you on your toes. I even had my bf read 2 of them ( agnes and the hitman and maybe this time) and he loved them too!! I even found sizzle ( sorry Jenny!) I’m that addicted!! So trust me on this, any book you get next will leave you smiling for days!

      2. Tell Me Lies or Bet Me. Both are excellent books. Oh, heck, what am I saying?!? ALL books by JC are excellent…..and yes, Jenny, this is me trying to suck up 🙂

      3. Every Crusie is wonderful, but I think Faking It and Fast Women are the ones most similar in flavor to Maybe This Time and Welcome to Temptation. Agnes and the Hitman is a favorite of mine, too, but it’s a collaboration with Bob Mayer and plays a bit differently. Really, though, you can’t go wrong with anything Jenny has written. She is such a perfectionist that it doesn’t hit the shelves unless it’s fabulous. Which probably sucks for her but is great for us!

        1. Me too!

          Great interview. LMAO (quietly, because I’m at work.)

          I vote Michael – Badass Warrior that he is – gets the nun. Nuns are scrappy; could be good in the battle planning. 🙂

    2. any and all things Jennifer Crusie will make you happy. If you liked those two books, there won’t be any that you don’t like.

  4. “Oh. I collage. I may be doing this wrong.”

    Hahahahahahaha. Snort. Gasp. Me too.

    The Return of Anne. That could be a novel. Or is already. Or maybe its Anne Stuart Undercover.

  5. You are a bad person because I am meant to be writing 7,500 words about education policy and instead I see sex and violence and vampires and demons by Anne Kristina Douglas Stuart and I snort my coffee on the keyboard and ahem, why isn’t it available for Kindle, eh????? At least it’s not Kindle-friendly in the UK. Grrr.

      1. Frustrated non-US based Kindle readers may be interested in a piece in ‘’. Entitled ‘Digital focus : leaky borders’, it’s about territorial restrictions on e-books (

  6. What fun. Great interview. And now I’m intrigued about the name change, and who is publishing the series, and oh, a million other questions.

    But now we have to wait until the 25th? That’s just cruel.

  7. Dang, you guys! I do love me a good laugh. Guess I’m going to have to buy some books. Rats. That probably means I’ll stay up all night reading and then be cranky with my family. Oh heck, I’m cranky all the time so who cares!

    I’d love to be sitting at the next table when you guys are out at a restaurant somewhere. I bet I’d snort my coke all over the person sitting across from me.

  8. Kate Georg wrote: “I bet I’d snort my coke all over the person sitting across from me”.
    You do realise that’s a slightly ambiguous sentence, don’t you?
    😀 😀

  9. OMG, you two! If zinger comments were visibly red, the air around any grouping you sat at would be pulsing crimson overload.
    Got two weeks off on medical leave and you’d better believe that book is gonna be mine.

  10. Hi Jenny, You should read Utensile Strength, a short story by Patricia C. Wrede in her collection Book of Enchantments. A wizard tries to create the ultimate weapon and ends up with “the frying pan of doom”. It’s hilarious and it even includes a recipe for ‘quick after battle chocolate cake’. Hmm – chocolate cake or chicken marsala – That’s a tough one. Two frying pans are better than one?

    1. Yay, I love that story! It’s the first thing I thought of when Jenny mentioned the pan. How about chicken marsala first, then wipe the pan off on your conquered enemy’s tunic and make the chocolate cake?

      “After Apocalypse Party.” Snort. Count me in.

      1. “Huh. Frying pans, who knew??”

        Watching “Tangled” with my family, and getting flashbacks to “Agnes & the Hitman”. The frying pans are everywhere!

        1. I know! When I watched Tangled with the kids back home, I was like, “Oh, honey. You’re only catching on to that now?” LOL! What’s next, though? Do you think the rolling pin will ever make a comeback?

  11. Hmmmm. Bet Me. Crazy for You. Fast Women.Tell Me Lies. Then re-read Bet Me. You’ll love it more the 2nd time around. Ditto Fast Women. Trust me on this.

    Love the interview, you whackjobs. Can’t wait for FALLEN! Sounds delish.

  12. That cheered me right up from my having-to-work-on-saturday glum.
    Also, with the frying pan you should take S&L to see Tangled if you haven’t already.

  13. Enjoyed the interview, look forward to reading Fallen. I’m concerned about her identity confusion though. When she’s having a lucid moment could you ask her who DID write the Outlander book she spoke of, it sounds interesting. And if you do talk to the “real” Anne Stuart, tell her I just finished Black Ice and I loved it. Now onto Cold as Ice.

    You guys crack me up!!!!!! I have a feeling that watching paint dry with the 3 of you would be a barrel of laughs.

    1. Diana Gabaldon wrote OUTLANDER and its many sequels. They’re massively long books, completely fascinating, and I’m in awe of her. Plus, best sex scene ever. Or close to.

  14. I am looking forward to Fallen now. Can’t wait.

    Gee, you ought to, um, introduce this brand new author to the famous Anne Stuart. Sounds like they’d have sooooo much in common. Like twin sisters or something. 😉

    Manhunting, WTT, Agnes and the Hitman. The the rest kind of jostle each other for 4th place.

  15. Snort!!

    Bet Me, Fast Women, Agnes & the frying pan (oh I mean Hitman) and the list goes on and you can’t go wrong.

  16. Please tell Kristina Douglas that I’m impressed with the names of her angels, shows some serious research. Will there also be a “Samael”?

    1. My sympathies, Sure Thing. I’ve borrowed it from libraries in the past and find I must buy it because it’s one of my go-to books.

      Comfort yourself with the knowledge that, when you do read it, you will know it for the sublime treat that it is and be able to read it without feeling you must rush or feeling guilty because you should be doing something else!

      Does that help?

  17. What a funny interview. The book sounds intriguing. I wonder if there’s any sex in it?
    So I have to ask a question. I’m an atheist but I want to read this book. Is there a lot of religious / spiritual stuff in it?

    Crusie books ordered by how much I love them: Agnes and the Hitman, Welcome To Temptation, Fakin It, Tell Me Lies, Maybe This Time, Crazy For You, Don’t Look Down, Getting Rid Of Bradley, Fast Women, Bet Me, What the Lady Wants, The Cinderella Deal, The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes, Dogs and Goddesses, Charie all Night, Manhunting, Anyone But You, Trust Me On This, Sizzle, Wild Ride, Strange Bedpersons. Did I miss any?

    1. I think she’s more interested in the mythology; it’s not a Christian inspirational. I’ll get her in here to respond, though.

    2. Clever Cherry the Atheist — I almost made God the Big Bad. So while there’s historical reference to biblical stuff, it’s almost entirely negative. No shining lights and revelations or anything like that — you’re safe. I didn’t want to offend believers, so I just sort of danced around anything spiritual. The most spiritual thing about it is, you guessed it, the sex.

  18. Okay, everyone’s doing it: Manhunting, Charlie all Night, Strange Bedpersons, Sizzle (sorry, Jenny, but I like it), Crazy for you, Fast Women. And others, of course, though there are some more recent ones I have not yet read.

  19. I have to reread some of the books. It’s been a long time and they are kind of lost in that rush of my first time reading them and in gorging on all kinds of romances and women’s fiction. I didn’t like Bet Me that much because I thought there was a lot of embarassment coming; I’ll have to reread it. I only vaguely remember Fast Women. I do know that I’ve read them all, including Sizzle (sorry, Jenny; and I don’t even remember my opinion of it). Basically, I love most of them, and — gasp! — only like some of them. 🙂

    1. Whew. I’m another person who didn’t absolutely love Bet Me! I’m so glad to not be alone. I liked it — and liked it more the second time around — but didn’t love it as much as some others.
      Faking It (my first Crusie), Fast Women, and Fred’s Book (Anyone But You) are probably my top three. But goodness it’s hard to pick — I adore Agnes, Wild Ride, and Maybe This Time too! 🙂

      1. I guess we all have our favourites. I loved Bet Me (even more upon rereading) but I just can’t love Faking It. That’s the only one. I enjoyed it more on rereading, but …

  20. The Fallen sounds fun! Thank you Jenny and Kristina Douglas aka Anne Stuart for the interview. Anne, er, Kristina, does the best bad boys!

    My list … Strange Bedpersons, Faking it, Getting Rid of Bradley (my first Crusie), Agnes, MTT … oh heck, I can’t bring myself to leave any of them out, but those are up at the top of my list.

  21. I’m pretty sure that I disturbed my neighbors, laughing like a crazy person at this interview.

    List (all are fabulous, these are just the ones where the fabulosity resonated most with me): Bet Me, Fast Women, Wild Ride, Welcome to Temptation and Manhunting are probably my top 5. I still haven’t read Sizzle . Have all the older books been reissued now? Because I think Trust Me on This and The Cinderella Deal (also a new favorite) were the last two that I needed to read.

    My neighbors are now being noisy, but they don’t seem to be laughing like crazy people. They should read more Jenny Crusie and Kristina Douglas!

  22. But the question is – does it have sex in it?

    Definitely trying this out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  23. Hm. Someone should really let Anne Stuart know that there’s a crazy person trying to be her. I’d want to know that kind of thing.

    I’ll have to look for these. I like twists on traditional themes. Sharon Shinn wrote a series that I loved because the angels were monsterous. It’s unexpected. I like the unexpected. Hence my Crusie love.

  24. Just put in a request to buy at the library. When I did this with Lani’s books I was the first to read them all. It was lovely. (Until I had to give them back. Bastards.)

    1. This is a great idea because library sales are really important to authors. I know some people feel that if they’re not buying the book, it doesn’t count, but a huge chunk of our sales go to libraries, and once they know their readers like a particular author, they buy more, so everybody wins.

      1. As a librarian, it is so refreshing to hear an author say that. Libraries help introduce readers to new authors. And my personal experience is that once a library patron falls in love with an author, they eventually buy their own copies. Librarians definitely do!

  25. Out of town kicking up the heels, so late to this. I do wonder if the book Raziel will hit the high standard of the interview Raziel.

    Oh. Of course, the book has the sex, the interview no actual the sex.


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