Thank you, AGAIN

Wild Ride will hit they NYT at #28 on Sunday, and you are once again the Best Fans Ever. Thank you one and all for putting us on the list again. We are very, very, very grateful. And happy. Even Bob is happy. In fact, I suspect somebody else wrote the e-mail he sent because he SAID he was happy. That’s just weird.

In other news, RWA is giving me the Emma Merritt Award (yes, the fat chick in that link is me) which I do not deserve since when Michelle Monkou called to tell me, I didn’t know what the Emma Merritt Award was. I do now, and really, I’m not worthy. No, really. (Also, kudos to Michelle and her board for the terrific work they’ve been doing on the vanity publishing mess. I was very proud to be an RWA member when that news came down.) But mostly I am very grateful for the award and will think of something not-stupid to say at the Awards Luncheon so as not to embarrass the board. I have months, it could happen.

Also, we’re very close to a cover on Maybe This Time, I bought two quarts of paint today in a desperate attempt to find a color to make my bedroom less dreary, I figured out a plot point that had been bugging me, and Mona ate a plastic butter cup.

The days are just packed.