Ticker Counter

So Lani showed me this fabulous new writing tool: Ticker Counter. You go to the Ticker Counter website and sign up for a free counter where you can enter the number of words you’ve done each day and track your progress. Why is this a good thing? Because if you put it on your website, say once a week, you’ll know you have to produce or people will throw rocks.

So you can do a ticker like this one:

Or like this one: Continue reading

The Liz Collages

So I’m starting Liz Danger, and I’m so excited. First person, short narratives, linked together, I love it. So of course I started the collages.

Since there are four Liz books in the series, I wanted to make the four collages work as a series, too. I started with shadow boxes but they were way too small, so I went to square pieces of foam core, no shelf for 3D this time. I was planning on hanging them two up and two down to make a big square, but I may leave them as they are now, leading into one another horizontally, the way the books lead into one another. Except the books access each other, too, so the four square might be better, especially since the last one leads back to the first. So I’ll have to cogitate.

Making the base collage was fun because I was working with the four title colors from Lavender’s Blue, Rest in Pink, Peaches and Screams, and Yellow Brick Roadkill. Continue reading


I should have listened to you. “It’ll crash the site,” you said. “You’re gonna have problems,” you said. “Nah,” I said. Then Mollie e-mailed me with a heading that said “Yep-site crashed” and I thought, “Well, hell. Who knew?” Then I remembered: you all did.

But we’ve got it fixed now! We hope. It wasn’t supposed to be a nightmare. I apologize to everybody. ARGH.

In other news, we (Lani and I) started The Diet today in order to become Healthy People. So there may be some crankiness for the next two weeks since that’s how long it’s going to be before I can have chocolate pudding. Or bread. I think I get to have french fries again in 2012. Also, did you know the directions on the sugar-free Jello package tell you to stir the stuff for two minutes? Who does that? It’s Jello, not bechamel sauce. Yes, that’s cranky. Sorry. I’m in chocolate withdrawal.

And really sorry about the site crashing and the frustration and the general miasma of malfunction. I’m sure tomorrow will be better.

Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS! Have some chocolate. Please.

Thirty-Five People Will Be Winners! Revised!

REVISED ANNOUNCEMENT: St. Martin’s Press has a scathingly brilliant idea. Before we try to sell the book to readers, we have to sell it to booksellers because if we don’t get the booksellers to buy it, they can’t sell it to you. So in order to convince booksellers that Maybe This Time, a book about ghosts that pays homage to a nineteenth century Henry James novella, will be a laff riot or at least popular with people-who-read-Crusie, they’d like some reader quotes. That’s right, they want some people to read Maybe This Time and then IF THEY LIKE IT, say nice things that St. Martin’s Press can then send to booksellers and say, “See, Crusie’s readers liked it. Really. Swear to God.”

So they have thirty-five ARCsbound manuscripts* of Maybe This Time to send out to readers. Two things to remember: Continue reading

Movie Night: Miss Pettigrew, Zombieland, and Dodgeball

So after a hellish couple of days–spring, please, God, arrive–Krissie and Lani and I decided to treat ourselves to a movie night. We let Krissie pick the movies and she chose Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day and Zombieland.

Yes, we saw the problem there, too, but Krissie knows what she likes.

So first we watched Miss Pettigrew, and I could do a whole post just on that movie, it was so lovely. Gorgeous to look at–the clothes, the sets, the people–fun to watch, and an ending that’ll melt your heart. Beautiful little gem of a romantic comedy. I felt wonderful after we’d seen it. Well, look: Continue reading

House Guests and Glue Sticks

I’ve been out of the loop because KRISSIE’S HERE! We’ve been having a marvelous time including marathon shopping yesterday (Lani had to stay home and teach her class which is a good thing because one or two stores and she quits) and then last night we collaged. We had stacks of paper and a pile of glue sticks, and Krissie and I had gone to the scrapbook store so we had marvelous things, and we glued until we were too tired to glue again. Continue reading

Charlie All Night Hits the Sheets, uh STREETS

HQN reissues Charlie All Night tomorrow. If you’re planning on re-reading, have Chinese food on hand. Especially potstickers. Lots of potstickers.

Also there are almond cookies in this book. I posted an almond cookie recipe on the old site but it wasn’t very good.
This one is good:

Mrs. Winthrop’s Grateful Almond Cookies Redux