Saving Scooter

Every now and then a commercial comes along that I can’t stop watching. The Enhanced Minute Maid Juice commercial featuring Scooter is the current one. “Don’t worry, I kept the receipt” is now our go-to response for any disaster, but mostly, I just love this commercial.

14 thoughts on “Saving Scooter

  1. Oh, gawd. I’ll never think of static shock the same. Lol. Oh, and I love the Carl’s Jr. commercial where they have a knock-off Big Mac. “We have a song too.”


  2. I love this! I love Scooter!

    Also, Melissa, have you seen the new Carl’s Jnr. ad where the guy is eating at the dock and making a sloppy mess on his face and shirt. Two hitmen pull up in another vehicle and come over. The guy’s head is thrust back against the headrest and he looks like he’s been shot. One hitman says something like, someone got here first, let’s go. Then you see a hand from the supposedly dead dude slowly reach up and take a couple of fries from the box. Ha ha. Love it.


  3. I died laughing the first time I saw this (with my kids, no less!) The impromptu use of the balloons especially makes me giggle just to think of it.


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