Another Time Sink, with Hats

So I am slammed with work, but I’m e-mailing with Krissie anyway and she sends me this iVillage Makeover Link. Yeah, sure I’m going to try that. Except she sends me her makeover and it’s both funny and oddly attractive (she was playing around). So what the hell.

Except that first you have to slick your hair back and take a picture, which with a Mac and photo booth is fast but also depressing. Here’s the real me after a hell of a day with my hair slicked back and no make-up staring into a computer screen:

So first I made choices I might actually make:

I must get those glasses.

And then I got creative:

I’m thinking about getting that hat.

After that, it just got silly:

I must not get that hat.

Really, you should go play. Because why should Krissie and I be the only slackers?

NOTE: Krissie’s got hers up on the Drama Queen blog under “Channeling My Inner Barbie.” Go look at that, too.

And now Lani has hers up, too.

45 thoughts on “Another Time Sink, with Hats

  1. Yes, I agree–the blue is a fun color on you! Reminds me of one of the Miss Fortunes for some reason… But I actually liked the last one the best. The hair style was very–French? I also like the short gray hair on the first pic.

    The red hat–yes, that is a must-have. I LOVE hats, but there are very few that actually look good on me. That one would work for me also.

    Maybe the gray hair with the red hat… Hmmm. Do I have to have a web cam for this or can I just take a pic with my digi and post it? And here I thought I was going to bed now…


  2. The gray shag hair is a possiblity, but the glasses have to go. Maybe the glasses worn with the blue hair. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I’ll have to check again tomorrow morning;)


  3. You can upload any digital picture.

    I really did learn some things. Like I look MUCH better with make-up. And my hair’s too dark right now.


  4. Ok. I was going to go to bed but now here I am still playing on the puter. And I found out I like my hair better darker, which is cool because I have always wanted dark hair! And I was right–the red hat looks awesome on me! LOL! And the red beret… And maybe shorter hair. The possibilities are endless!!

    Oh wait–the kids are going to watch a scary movie in here–time for me to go to bed!


  5. Blue hair, but in a shag, glasses that go with the shag, and the red hat, but in black. Very Yoko Ono. You’re stylin’ now, sister…just add a pair of big silver hoop earrings.



  6. I have to agree with Sharon, though the glasses in the first are nice they are too big for your face. Also the cut on the first one works for you. (Maybe that can be your new project?)

    And, I’d pay money to see you in a blue wig.


  7. I’d tried this before and was just depressed by the first “OMG! that’s what I look like” photo. I should have mustered up a sense of humor and tried the blue hair. Now I’m going to go have some fun.


  8. Definitely the cheesy curls. They soooo suit you. Seriously though the silver cut looks good on you, it was number, wait a minute … number one. The only problem is the bangs get in your eyes when you write, I stick six of those flat metal clips randomly in my hair and pray nobody comes to the door.

    And you went back to dark after the Aussie trip. I tried to go gray but there wasn’t enough to look good so I’m back to a medium brown. I tried even darker but it looked horrible, like I was a Goth wannabe but with one foot in the grave.


  9. I really like the blue hair too!

    I agree w. Robena, I’m trying to grow my bangs out. I only like them for about two weeks. That’s too short a time to enjoy them IMO. Right now I have disco wings. I told my hairdresser as she did a rush ‘hey-you’re-going-for-a-job-interview’ color. She said to “Embrace the wings”

    Is that KITCHEN I see in the background?


  10. I agree with the others — seriously, the blue hair looks great on you! You should definitely try it: that blue color in, say, the cut from the first picture. Awesome.

    …but don’t go blond.


  11. I have a blue wig. It makes me look dead. Sigh.
    But I’m thinking about some changes now. That site is dangerous.

    Krissie put hers up, too, at the Drama Queen blog ( under “Channeling My Inner Barbie” (I put the link in the post, too). Lani is going to play later today. It really was fun, but it was enlightening, too. I have to start wearing makeup. And combing my hair.

    The blue and white checks are the old kitchen, about to become the dining room. I’m sitting in the new kitchen which you can’t see because of the giant head-with-no-make-up.

    Slave Driver, did you send me the dachshund socks. Bob sent them with no note but I think he muttered your name in an e-mail. If so, thank you!


  12. And yes, I watched it (Dr. Horrible). Loved it. At least, I loved it if the ending is the way I think it was meant to be. It definitely had a twist at the end…


  13. I watched the last act. I loved. I think too many writers try to please the viewer and screw up the ending in the process. Joss stayed true to both characters Billy/Dr. Horrible. I’m going to watch all three again before I have to pay. (Only because I don’t have Itunes and won’t be able to watch them again after this. Trust me, I’d pay to watch them again and again…)

    I have to start wearing makeup. And combing my hair.

    Lol. Just the way you add it as an after thoughts cracks me up. Whenever I’m in one of those moods I braind my hair. If only I didn’t fear looking like a milk dud I’d go bald.


  14. Hmmmmm…

    Maybe the silver hair with the glasses from the blue hair??

    That “intelectual” look???



  15. Cry for help:
    I’m desperate to see the last Dr. Horrible – hulu apparently won’t let me watch it on the site and you have to be in America to download the iTunes version. I found the first two on YouTube, but the sound was severely out of sync on both. So, if anyone has the third downloaded on their iTunes, please-please put me out of my misery!

    Jenny, I love the iVillage thing – so much fun.


  16. Ok, I tried it. Krissie called hers “Channeling her Inner Barbie”. In my case, it was more, “Channeling my Inner Mrs. Potato Head.”

    I looked horrible in everything. Just couldn’t get the knack of that lip liner. That’s nothing knew. I can’t apply it straight in real life either.


  17. Glad you like the socks. I saw them in a shop and you immediately came to mind. And thank you too, Bob-Ex, for the delivery service.

    Dr Horrible was great, and the Horse being the head of the Evil League of Evil…*snort*!

    And taking a picture without make-up…intentionally…very brave. I salute you.


  18. Lovely.

    I know you love hulu, but I found a bigger site:

    Any idea when the HW/SW book will be published? I pull out and read my notes from your lessons last year all the time. Thanks again.


  19. We have to stagger through Wild Ride first, Lori. HWSW keeps getting pushed back, so it may never be, or it may end up as two books, one from Bob and one from me since we’re having trouble co-ordinating things.

    As for no make-up, it’s not brave, it’s lazy. “I have to put stuff on my face? And then take it off at night? Wouldn’t it be easier to just eliminate both steps?”


  20. I’ve thought about using a sharpie as an eyeliner. No smearing. Re-apply every 3 days or so…My kid uses colored sharpies to streak her hair. It washes out after 1 day. Bright, but temporary. Very nice.


  21. Okay, you win. I had to do it again 🙂 I love this kind of time sink… I posted my results on my blog (which I think my user name links to?)
    I love the range you posted here! I think the blue could work in better light, with a more customizable shade. Or maybe I just want everyone else to be able to have blue hair, since I am strictly forbidden from dyeing my hair blue by my company.
    And Dr. Horrible? Loved it. I just keep thinking, “the hammer is my penis” and cracking up.


  22. Renee, I love that he walked away, and then had to come back and clarify what the “hammer” was.

    I also loved the cowboy guys that came with every message from the Horse. Also, the way they tacked “Thoroughbred of Sin” on just about every scene his name was mentioned.

    And of course NPH and Nathan Fillion. And coming back to the blog after the failed attempt…. has me in giggles right now.

    And I’ve decided I must own it when it comes out on DVD. Must. So great.


  23. Jenny, what did you think of Dr. Horrible’s ending? I’m really curious to know what you thought but will understand if you’d prefer not to post on it.


  24. I think the dark framed glasses from the blue hair shot, and then maybe the long hair … not necessarily blue, although you carry it off very well. And of course shoes are involved. Shoes are always involved.

    Make up is a pain. It’s only knowing that I definitely look better with than without that keeps me reaching for the foundation bottle.


  25. I get up at 430 in the blessed morning. Nobody cares what I look like when I am driving a bus–my commuters are barely awake themselves! I never wear makeup unless I am going out to something that I should look nice at–dinner with my husband, class reunion, that sort of thing. I agree with Jenny–why bother putting it on if I just have to take it off again? Same reason I quit making my bed… *grin*


  26. Well, that was fun ! I will have to print out one of my do’s and take it to my hair dresser. And I am going to have to find one of those kangaroo hats-which covers a multitude of sins. 😉


  27. I swear every time I see that last photo, blonde with the hat, I feel I’ve known that person in the past. (Maybe another life?)*g* Were you living in Texas in the early seventies? Anywhere near Fort Hood? And were you ever a blonde?


  28. Robena, everybody who lived in the early seventies – no matter where – knew someone who looked like that.


  29. Robena wrote:

    “I swear every time I see that last photo, blonde with the hat, I feel I’ve known that person in the past. (Maybe another life?)*g* Were you living in Texas in the early seventies? Anywhere near Fort Hood? And were you ever a blonde?”

    Wichita Falls, 1971. I could have been blonde. I was 21, I could have been anything.

    Tal, I’m sold on the labyrinth. James and I are discussing it. James is the one who will do the heavy lifting.


  30. I want a bit of that brave you’ve got.

    I just got me one giant new mac, and I ain’t gonna take no photos with the hair slicked back. Oh no.

    It is hard enough seeing my reflection in the imac shiny screen. Now if they only had the soft focus option…


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