On the Road: Harlequin Masquerade Party

I taught all day, the seminar Bob and I usually tag team on, but I did it ALL BY MYSELF. Bored people to tears, but they sat there like champs from 9AM to 4:30. I’d have thrown something at me, but Australians are so lovely. Meanwhile, Krissie got to see the opera house and go shopping again. Still, I got to spend the day with terrific people so I win.

Then I went upstairs and slept like a rock for three hours before I went downstairs where the private Harlequin party was already an hour old. Here it is:

Anne Gracie and Stuart MacDonald: You can feel the power:


The winners of the costume competition, judged by Stuart (power, I’m telling you):


Glen Thomas of QUT, Anne Gracie, and Linda Plumley, who took Krissie to the Opera House. I didn’t get to go, but it’s all right, I’LL JUST SIT HERE IN THE DARK ALL ALONE:


Krissie bonding with Stuart, serious power:


The party in full swing (and full drag):


Krissie in full swing (and full drag):


And as with everything else in wonderful Australia, everybody had a very good time.

16 thoughts on “On the Road: Harlequin Masquerade Party

  1. But…but…where’s the picture of the shoes? 🙂 Is the RWA convention for members only or is there a day for fans, too (like the RWA National in the US)?


  2. OMG! That looks like so much fun! Sounds like you my dear are having a total blast downunder!

    Jenny – you could not bore someone to tears if you tried. You might make them laugh so hard they cry and pee their pants but bore? Never!


  3. I think we will have to check Krissie’s blog to get the other side of the story. And when are you going to go shopping for some hot Aussie stud muffin? We want pictures of that (them?).


  4. It’s a private party for conference goers only, paid for by Harlequin Australia, so it’s like a reunion every year. Australia RWA is a lot like a big family, just lovely.

    And I had on sunglasses with butterflies with a regular black outfit. That was pretty much the extent of it; nothing to see here, move it along.


  5. costumes- excellent

    you know, Krissie will probably have photos of you. it may be better to throw yourself out there before she does. 🙂


  6. I’ve got pictures of Jenny but she won’t let me show them. I promised. But she did look utterly fabulous sunglasses. She adorned them with butterflies that stabbed you if you hugged her – excellent anti-personnel armor.


  7. You absolutely positively did not bore us to tears! I had the privelege to hear Jenny speak at the RWAust conference this weekend and she is so wonderful and giving and inspiring.


  8. I was at that all day conference. No one was bored, believe me. It was absolutely wonderful. Jennifer Talty had it right. Who knew you could have so much fun learning things worth their weight in gold?


  9. Bored people to tears! You gotta be kidding! It was one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to! Thanks so much for all your generosity and knowlege. Come back!


  10. Love the photos. Everyone looks so happy. I managed to hide, I’m very good at ducking cameras. And Jenny’s mask was a soft blue, feathers and butterflies, I think. It suited her new short and stylish hair, she claims it’s gray but it looks ash blond to me. And Krissie was the most perfect nun. She looked so much like my great-aunt, Sister Mary Benedicta, I thought I was going to get a kiss on each cheek.


  11. I agree with Keziah Hill – we were all totally rivited. I learned so much about my own writing and I’ll always be grateful for the generosity and humor you shared with us.


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