There’s a New Girl in Town

Be Careful Amy

There’s a classic character in traditional adventure fiction: The Girl who’s the love interest for The Hero. She’s young, she’s beautiful, and she says, “Be careful, John,” a lot.* She may be the CEO of a major corporation at 23, but she still needs him to rescue her often. And sometimes she needs to die so he can feel incredible pain (aka “fridging”) and then go out and beat up the bad guys. I don’t know why there’s such a pervasive idea that the Hero’s Girlfriend has to be a helpless, boneless, gormless doorstop of a character, but it’s everywhere, especially on TV.

The Girl annoys the hell out of me. Continue reading

Shorter is Harder

I’ve been working on the Structure unit for over on the writing blog, and I’m finding it difficult to keep to my 500 word limit. I’m not a stickler about it; if I hit 550, that’s fine, but I’m getting close to a thousand words on some of those entries and that’s just too many for an intro. All of this has just reminded me that shorter is harder. Continue reading

Cherry Saturday 10 – 31 – 15

Hey, it’s Halloween, the BEST HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR, because of the marvelous stuff that ends up marked down . This is when I buy my ravens and candy skulls. It’s AWESOME.


Although my best raven was a gift from Krissie, the Folkmanis Raven Hand Puppet.