Book Done Yet? Prewriting Progress

I have nothing to be ashamed of this week in Book Done Yet. I worked.

The first thing I did was take the jpg of my old collage from several years ago . . .

YACollageMay copy

. . . and use it as the center of my updated digital collage along with some icy river and forest pictures to get the setting right. Right now it’s mostly cast with a few extras thrown in, but it’s a good start and it feels like the book: Continue reading

The Lucifer Chat

Yeah, he even plays the piano.

So, the Lucifer chat. For those of you not up to date on my ongoing Lucifer hatefest, Krissie (aka Anne Stuart), liked the pilot and wanted to keep watching, Lani didn’t like the pilot but saw potential, and I hated the pilot with the fury of a thousand firey suns. However, pilots often suck, so we agreed to meet in a Slack chatroom and watch episode 2. Nothing we saw changed our minds; Krissie is still going to watch it, and I have no plans to ever look at it again. I think Lani’s fed up with it, too, but I forgot to ask her. I’m not at all sure how much value this transcript has, but we promised so . . . Continue reading

The Authors in the Text

One of the things I found most interesting about the Stuart-Rich-Crusie fixes for Lucifer was how we all immediately went to our own story corners. That is, Krissie zeroed in on the all-powerful hero and how caring about the heroine would bring him to his knees, Lani went for the balance of power in relationships and in the world, and I said, “You know what this guy needs? Community.” We have known each other and read each other’s books for years, but this one off-the-cuff conversation told me more than anything else about how our individual story-minds work.

I think that’s important for writers, to know that there are things we are always going to gravitate to, things that are essential to the Ur story that underlies every narrative we write. Continue reading

Lucifer: Two More Fixes

Lani hadn’t seen the Lucifer pilot yet, but Krissie and I dragged her in. I said, “My fix was clearly a Crusie, Krissie’s was clearly a Stuart, how would Lani Diane Rich rewrite this? She told us, and of course, it’s brilliant (she’s a fabulous teacher). I agree with everything in her analysis, also brilliant, but the fun part is how she’d fix it, different from Krissie and me because she’s Lani Diane Rich:

Lani Diane Rich’s Fix for the Lucifer Pilot: Continue reading

Cherry Saturday 1 – 30 – 2016

Today is Croissant Day.


Yeah, I know we just did Pie Day, but this is the best choice we’ve got. Also, croissants are delicious. Although I have to tell you, if you scan through a lot of pictures of croissants looking for one to use in a blog post, after a while, they all start to look like evil segmented sea creatures.


And yet, still delicious.

Book Done Yet?: Pick a Lane

Note: This weekly post is to keep me honest about working on the WiP. It’s going to be mostly me figuring things out and therefore probably not very interesting. Feel free to skip as I free-associate myself through to enlightenment.

So as part of my New Efficient Approach to Life (wait for the implosion, it should be here any minute), I am determined to pick one WIP and FINISH the damn thing. Which means I have to analyze what I have and see what I really want to write. (Okay, what I really want to write right now is my version of Lucifer but I know nothing about LA or the nightclub business, and the last thing I need is an eighth book in progress, so back to the WiPs). Below is my analysis of the seven manuscripts I have in progress, in no particular order. It’s pretty much a three part analysis: Do I have story? (protagonist/goal/antagonist/goal); How much do I have done? (word count); How do I feel about this book? (what do I love/what’s keeping me from working on it?). Continue reading

The Office: Week One

Note: Thursday and Friday posts on Argh are going to be Keeping Me Honest posts for awhile, Thursday to keep on task to clean up and reorganize my office and Friday to do the same thing for the books I’m working on. All of which is to say, the posts probably aren’t going to be valuable to anybody but me. You have been warned.

I’ve been reading Marie Kondo and Julie Morgenstern and trying to figure out the best way to organize my office, this time for good. I’ve moved since I last did the Twelve Days of the Office posts, and as in any move, I had to guess where everything should go in my office. I guessed wrong on several counts, so now it’s time to think things through. Continue reading