Pride and Recreation

Remember Sweetness, Lani’s little girl who moved in with me back when we all hung out in Squalor on the River? She’s not so little any more and she has a Tumblr you must see, Pride and Recreation, which combines pictures from BBC’s Pride and Prejudice with quotes from Parks and Recreation:


Our little girl is growing up (sob). And she has a great sense of humor (of COURSE).

The Writing/Romance Project

As many of you know, I’ve been thinking about doing a writing book for quite a while. Teaching the two McDaniel’s classes helped me organize all the ideas in my head, and I’m in the process right now of sorting out all the writing posts on Argh and the website thanks to the hack, and after that, I’ll go through my hard drive and see if I can pull together the mass of information there into a coherent form. I have STUFF here, and a lot more stuff I want to say, and now is the time to put it all together. Continue reading

Cherry Saturday 8 – 29 – 15

Today is More Herbs, Less Salt Day.


One of my favorite greeting cards of all time had a seed packet on the front and said, “Do You Like Herbs?” Then you opened it up and there was a little naked guy with his arms wide open saying, “Herb likes yours!”

I haven’t been able to see a sentence with “Herb” in it since without thinking of that guy.

Blog Remodel in Progress

So you may have noticed that Argh looks a little different.  We fumigated the pages and moved the entire blog and website and we’re still trying to sort things out.  So there will be intermittent weirdness here until that gets done.    We’re on it.

More ACK.

At some point, during some reboot, all the older posts on Argh lost their formatting. That means that anything that’s older than a year ago is a complete mess.
I have no idea what I’m going to do about that . . . there are 1,391 published posts on this blog so not going to be reformatting all of them . . . but I figured I’d give you a head’s up. The old stuff is now hard to read.

Ack. Hack.

NOTE: I am trying to take the blog offline and not having much success.
This is why I need a webmistress who doesn’t sleep.

Sorry about that. The blog got hacked.
OTOH, if you need Cialis . . .

Plotting Action

One thing that struck me about so many of the suggestions about what Cat could do to get the vagrants out of the crypt: a lot people wanted Cat to talk, that is, they wanted her to persuade people to do things. I think sometimes it’s a female thing; if we’re confronted by danger, we’re really smarter (most of the time) to try talking our way out. But from a story point of view, and I think sometimes from a real world point of view, action is better.

Sense8: Doing Romance Right

Kiss Somewhere around my third or fourth viewing of this series, while I was still trying to figure out what the hell went wrong with such great stuff, I realized that I was staying for the romances, both the romantic couplings (and tripling) and the romance of the ensemble. I stayed because I loved the characters and I wanted to see them come together (not a double entendre). So I looked closer at the four love stories in the series and at the building of the ensemble. Ensemble later; let’s talk about how amazingly good the love stories in this series are. I used the four basic steps of building a love story (a vast simplification of a vastly complex human emotional arc) as a rubric for this post. This is entirely arbitrary and should not be interpreted as The Only Way To Structure A Love Story. It is, however, a pretty good approach for arcing a relationship. Continue reading