Book Done Yet: Romance and Vulnerability

I’ve been thinking about romance in general and in Nita’s book in particular. Romance is tricky stuff to write even if both of your lovers are alive, so making one of mine dead complicates things.


But two things in the past month have made me look at it again. One was a comment Elisabeth made, and the other came from watching Galavant again, this time with Krissie. Continue reading

Book Done Yet: So Much Bigger Than I Thought

Devil in Nita Dodd CharactersI always panic at the beginning of a book because I look at it and think, There’s just no there here. (I also panic in the middle and at the end, but for different reasons.) It’s just a story about a Girl who isn’t even My Girl yet, and stuff happens but it’s just . . . stuff. There’s no depth, no layering, it’s all surface.

Well, yeah, that’s because it’s the beginning. Continue reading

Binge Watch Plan

I never really thought about the binge watches I’ve done here. I didn’t even think of them as binge watches, but there are four, counting PoI: Leverage, Arrow, Sense8 and Person of Interest. problem is that the back posts of the blog are a mess because of the hack, so I really need to go back through and clean-up anything that might be of value, which I’m not sure all the binge watch posts were. Continue reading