Nita Question: Mom

Okay, here’s something that’s been bothering me: Nita’s mom.  I was swinging really wide in the first drafts, which is what you’re supposed to do, but I think I may have swung too wide on her.  For those of you who remember Mitzi, was she a deal-breaker in believability?  I need her nuts and lethal, but . . .  

Highly Professional Writer at Work

So I’m rewriting the opening, trying to smooth out the cuts I made, and I realize that Nick is going to have to smite something because it’s referred to over and over again (and because it sets up the Rich scene later).  But I don’t want to add much to the scene and I really like the one-two punch of the hellfire on the palm and then dropping the facade.  So he smites something small in between those, only a second’s action, for a three-beat.  It took me several minutes to figure out what and then to do the research, but I am a professional and I will spend minutes on things if it’s necessary.  Like this:

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A Stagger Down Memory Lane

I read a lot of my books this week, starting with the first one published.  Somebody had said once that she read her own books when she got stuck on a story (I’m not stuck), and I thought, “Well, why not?”  It was a lot like looking through an old photo album, the writing equivalent of “Look how thin I was in 1993!” but the big takeaway was that the good ones were pretty good although not as good as I remembered, and the bad ones weren’t that bad at all.  Also, I skim my sex scenes when I read, so obviously those weren’t working, at least for me now.  Like any other memory journey, though, it ended up being an analysis of loss and gain. Continue reading

Cherry Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017

Today is International Red Panda Day.

Red Pandas are endangered, which is bad, especially since they’re the only ones of their family: they’re not related to pandas, foxes, racoons, or bears, there’s just them, and thanks to depredations to their habitats, there are now less than 10,000 of them in the wild.  Nothing this cute should ever go extinct.  

No, you can’t adopt one and take it home, but you can do this.

Or this.

Or just google “red panda” and squee.  It’s that kind of day.




Mission Amazing

Thank you, Cassini, the little explorer that could.

Launched almost twenty years ago (Oct. 17, 1997), Cassini has been taking pictures of Saturn and its moons (and selfies, evidently) for thirteen years (it takes awhile to get to Saturn).  Its primary mission was completed in June of 2008, but it said, “You know, as long I’m out here,” and kept on sending back information and pictures that revolutionized our understanding of space, thanks to the good work of NASA and the European Space Agency.   NASA has a free e-book of the Saturn System Through the Eyes of Cassini, but my favorite Cassini production is still the Google Doodle.


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This Is a Good Book Thursday

I’ve been reading like crazy ever since we started this series of posts.  My last binge was Lawrence Block’s Keller series which was interesting and sometimes a little outside of my moral zone (yes, I have one, it’s not extensive but the guy is a hitman).  Now I’m reading some of my categories.  It’s like looking through an old photo album.  The earliest, Manhunting (hate that title), will be 25 next February, so a really old photo album.  

What have you been reading?